Pesky car

It’s been another busy week, we’re still only halfway through (the working week), and there’s still loads to to.

I’ve been doing the electronic edits on the historical novel I finished the manual edit for last week, I’ve been writing and planning The Beast Within, and I’ve had more drama with the car and the dog.

Yesterday my day was broken in half by an appointment and I didn’t finish work until about 6:30pm. The dog hadn’t been walked and I needed to get petrol, so I headed out to kill two birds …

… I didn’t make it out of the village. My car cut out again, but fortunately I’d gone far enough to be able to call the AA. They got to me at about 7:30pm but, thankfully, were able to perform a roadside rescue this time and get me back on my way.

Phew! I thought it was going to be another expensive job, but it was something he was able to fix and the fix should hold for several weeks – two fixes, actually. One was an accident trip switch that had become dislodged, bounced against something in the engine, and cut the power. At least we now know it’s there and that it works …

The most traumatic part was when Rufus, who I’d taken out of the car because it was still too warm to leave him in there, escaped from my clutches and dashed across the main road after another dog, right into the path of an oncoming Transit van. Fortunately the van driver had time to gauge whether or not it was safe to slam his brakes on, and he slammed his brakes on.

I was upset, the van driver was upset, a young lad from the village who was keeping me company was upset, and the couple whose dog Rufus had dashed across the road for were upset. I was talking to someone on the phone at the time, screamed down his earhole and dropped the phone – so he was upset as well. Rufus was laffing his head off!

And he really is in my very bad books now. He’s old enough to be doing as he’s told and not dashing across main roads, so I’m being particularly strict with him at the moment because he really, really should be behaving himself by now.

But I have a problem in that when I’m trying to discipline my dog, onlookers start to fuss him, making “ahhhh” noises and saying he’s not doing anything wrong, when clearly he is. This is undermining my discipline of the dog and not helping at all, and it does make me quite cross. I’d understand it if I was taking a big stick to him, but I’m just telling him off (he knows “bad boy” and he knows “naughty!”). Please let me discipline my dog!

Afterwards I went and got my petrol, but he didn’t get a walk. Instead I bought a KFC for my (very late) tea and treated myself to an ice cream as well – they gave me a fork to eat it with …

Today I had another meeting that cut my day in half, and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. But it turned out to be very useful as I appear to be entitled to working tax credits, so as soon as I got home I set the ball rolling for that too.

On the way home I dropped in to see my car mechanic to make sure that the fixes the AA man did will hold until I’m due in next. They know my car there and assured me it would be fine, but I do need to take it back at the end of August.

I’ve done the gig list but I still have to take the dog for a walk. It’s cooler today and I’ll take him shortly. Tonight we’re off to see a friend of mine talk about her latest book.

Tomorrow I may get around to doing some work again …

Another week hurtles by

Where does the time go? I knew I’d run out of time before posting last Wednesday, but to miss Friday as well …

I’ve been very busy, in my defence. Which is Very Good. But also Very Rude.

So where did my week go?

Monday – I was here. Blogging about the weekend. I also wrote and submitted the weekly walks report for 6 local newspapers and started to edit the next historical fiction. I pitched for 10 jobs and formally applied for another.

Tuesday – was mostly the historical fiction, but I also had an appointment in town and I heard from a weekly red top magazine that they wanted to buy one of my fillers. I pitched for 4 jobs.

Wednesday –  I was still editing, and I updated the gig list. I also had a friend over Wednesday evening and together we brainstormed our current writing WiPs.

Thursday – that editing job went on a lot longer than I thought it would, but I finished the manual edits on Thursday … at 11:30pm … I also filled in a massive form I’d been sent and my hair appointment from Friday was brought forward.

Friday – I received proofreader’s and author’s corrections back for a previous project and so spent the day applying as many of those as time dictated. Corrections and amendments are one thing, but rewriting is something else not usually covered at proofreading stage. I pitched for just one job (invited) and worked until about 8:30pm.

On Saturday I went to the CampNaNo write-in in Leeds and had a good couple of hours planning the book and writing the opening paragraphs. I bust my NaNo duck and wrote the grand total of 629 words. I supervised a couple of 10-minute writing sprints (or word wars as the campers call it). On the evening I went out with friends to a gig to help them celebrate a birthday.

On Sunday it was red hot outside. I had an idle lie-in and was going to take the dog out, but it was toooo hot. I only pegged some washing out and had to lie down on the settee to recover. So I spent the afternoon idly watching tennis (we won, just in case you didn’t know), playing mindless games on FB, and generally chilling and relaxing out of the sun. Then we took the dog out at about 7:30pm beside some water and spent a thoroughly pleasant hour feeding ducks, looking for fish, and strolling and chatting.

Today I spent the whole morning on CampNaNo and have added 1,105 words. Not a lot for a morning’s work, but in between I was hanging washing out again, updating the nice neighbours on nuisance neighbour, reading and planning. But it’s 1,105 words more than I had written when I started.

Following last Wednesday’s brainstorm session, I decided I really need to write the remaining Marcie Craig books and bring her as up to date as I can in as short a time as possible. So the current WiP, The Beast Within, is just 2 years on from the last one. We discussed it and discussed it and really didn’t think freezing her age and fetching her bang up to date was the right thing to do, but moving the story on by 2 years at a time, and in quick succession, might be the way forward. As soon as that was decided, a cloud seemed to lift and I was itching to write.

The pub bombing book has been postponed until a more suitable 50-year anniversary, and meanwhile I have 3 Marcie Craigs to write – at least. The Beast Within; Snowblind; Killer Queen. And possibly Burn. The steampunk has been put on the back burner while I learn more about the genre and decide and research which period in history I want to use. During that time I’ll read as many as I can.

I think that’s finally the right decision, as so many things were just stopping me from getting on and writing something – anything. I received a very welcome kick up the backside, put everything else onto one side, and agreed to work on just one book.

This afternoon I have this week’s walk report to write and submit and I need to start the electronic edits for the historical novel I finished manually editing Thursday night. I also still have the dog to walk, washing to fetch in and jobs to sift through.

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cricket 08At the weekend I popped my cricket cherry. I do like to listen to cricket with a commentary, but watching it and trying to work out what is going on … well, it’s not football (soccer) is it? So I tend to watch it on the telly or listen to it on the radio. And yes, I do think it gets quite exciting.

So when a friend offered to be my cricket buddy and my commentary, and to explain the rules, I jumped at a run out to the seaside (as well!) and we chose the best day for weather. I wore a floppy sun hat all day, but still caught the sun on my face, and quite a bit on my arms.

“Our” team didn’t win, but only by one … but it was a nice day anyway. And yes, it did get exciting.

Saturday was all about visiting the parents. I nearly went out Saturday night too, but decided to stay in with Rufus as we were leaving him behind (with a neighbour!) the next day. And Friday was all about socialising and nice music. I’ve certainly been more social just lately.

Today, then, it’s back to work. And while I’d normally do a to-do list for the month on the first of the month, I’ve decided not to this time. My diary is packed full (and has met my new weekly income target) for the next 2 weeks and I want to see what else comes in before completing the rest of the diary. I have plenty of work to do of my own, but I need to hit that income target every week first.

I had to do some admin and speak to the energy company about a new tariff. It’s dinner (lunch) time now, though, and then I’ll be editing the historical novel and writing the steampunk for CampNaNo. I also have the walks report to write and submit (I’ve had 2 lots of figures this week, plus we have a new programme to the end of the year), and the regular daily competitions and job board surf.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in town, but work-wise, it will be more of the same.