The bridges of Yorkshire Dale country

We took a lot of pictures of bridges while we were on holiday. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Well, I remembered to come back in and post, but it’s been another busy week.

Aside from battling flu x 2 – but winning, we hope – I’ve also finished editing a non-fiction, submitted it to the author and had two responses already, with very minimal comments other than replies to my questions (three of them) and a couple of author-error corrections. Basically, he’s happy with my work. 🙂

I carried out the revisions on the other edit, only to find that the software isn’t working, so that’s on hold again until they fix it.

I had a meeting with a new financial management company, updated the gig list for this week, and I’ve pitched for 15 jobs so far.

Today I start a new edit, it’s another historical fiction, and I’ve already raised this week’s invoices. (Hurrah!)

I’ve also started to do the daily competitions again, while I have a tea break.

The weekend is still a bit up in the air, mostly due to the flu. If I’m still coldy, I won’t be very welcome at my parents’ as my dad is likely to catch it. But we do have at least one gig to go to on Saturday.

What I’d like to do, now I seem to back in the swing of paid work again, is get into the swing of writing – fillers, short stories, pitches, books, novels. I’m starting to itch and I need to scratch it and it’s driving me mad not having any time to do it. And yes, yes, yes, I know I have to find or make the time, but just now everything else seems to be wanting attention.

Finances for a start. I need to build credit control into my working week, as well as marketing, sales and promotion. So, while I’m on the subject, please visit my book pages. Proper books are here, ebooks are here. 😀

If I stay home this weekend, I’ll either try to get ahead on the guaranteed paid work, or I’ll have a potter with the writing. Which would you do?

Today’s picture is another from Dentdale. We saw a lot of bridges while on holiday and liked them. Very much.

Have a great weekend.