Winter’s drawing in

It's a sheep. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)
It’s a sheep. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

I had a 3-gig weekend – or a 4-gig if you count that we left one early and stopped off at another on the way home.

On Friday evening we first headed off to see a friend in her band, then on the way home we stopped of at a local where there was another band playing, one we didn’t know but they had a saxophone …

On Saturday we ran some errands, took the dog for a ride, Rufus and I were both treated. Then Saturday evening my favourite front man was playing in my favourite band – and the other WaGs made me feel welcome too.

Sunday I was supposed to be working, but I ended up cogitating and more navel gazing. I bid for another 6 jobs and opened negotiations on another. And Sunday evening we headed out for our third/fourth gig of the weekend.

Three-gig weekends are very tiring, and I’m just a spectator. I take my hat off to the musicians and performers who do it every week.

The temperature dropped quite significantly over the weekend, but we had 2 glorious days of sunshine. I managed to get washing on the line, but I can feel that winter’s on its way. It’s going to be a cosy winter this year, I think.

I have a very busy week ahead because my hours are shorter. On Thursday I’m off to Birmingham for the day to see my parents, and Friday this week is an errands day. So I have to squeeze 5 days’ work into 3. Obviously I’m not going to manage that physically, so I have to prioritise.

I have a non-fiction to edit and a fiction to edit. I think I have another non-fiction edit on the way, too. I’ve also been promised a non-fiction to proofread. I have an article to write, pictures to chase, a walks report to write (if I get the data) and submit. I have job boards to surf. I have the gig list to update, and the diary to do. And I have a few bureaucratic forms to fill in.

I also have a novel to write and a non-fiction to write, but as those aren’t earning straight away I may have to concentrate on them in my spare time. The business manager already isn’t happy with the other “pro-bono” work I do for the Ramblers or on the gig list, so I have to justify any time spent on the writing at the moment – because my current priority is to earn money.

Only 3 more pictures from our holiday to share this week. This was just one of the many sheep that accompanied us on many trips, and it was taken by the poet/business manager/favourite front man/boyfriend extraordinaire/my biggest fan.

Right, a non-fiction first, I think …