The reservoir at Langsett

Langsett Reservoir. (Picture: Diane Parkin)
Langsett Reservoir. (Picture: Diane Parkin)

I’m working hard, ticking things off and actually earning proper money. Last night I even allowed myself to daydream about spending some of it.

On Wednesday I chugged through all of my to do list. I edited some photo captions for a non-fiction and got those sent off to the typesetter and I finished author and proofreader revisions on the same and posted that back while walking the dog.

On Thursday I finished the electronic edit on another non-fiction and got the tracked changes document back to the author. That filled most of the day. I also pitched for 2 jobs and communicated with lovely already boss regarding ongoing work that could take me up to 2018.

Today I’m editing a new historical fiction. It’s also invoices day (hurrah!) and blog-posting day. I surfed the job boards but there was nothing suitable this morning.

For the past few days I’ve been suffering with backache and a stiff neck, and yesterday I had a psychological toothache to go with it. The toothache has gone today and so, I thought, had the aching body. But just being hunched over the laptop for an hour or so just now is bringing it on again and I can feel my neck weakening.

I guess I’ll have to do a new ergonomic assessment of my work environment but I think it’s being crunched over the laptop despite it being on a riser. I think I need a desktop pc with a screen at eye-level and at a 90-degree angle to a window, but I can’t really manage either at the moment.

I could probably do with a proper office chair as well, but the current chair is a really good support for my back. It is a dining chair, though, so probably not suited to desk work.

Still lots to think about but I think I’m mentally moving the office now – at least into a different room, if not into a different building …

Today’s picture is another from Langsett Reservoir and one of mine. I liked all of the different lines in this shot.

Nothing planned for this weekend beyond a couple of gigs to go to. I’m starting to get cabin fever, though, so I hope we get a drive out soon. Y’all have a goodun.  🙂