It’s all go

My new mahoosive monitor. (Picture: Diane Parkin)
My new mahoosive monitor. (Picture: Diane Parkin)

This working for a living lark is hard, isn’t it? I’m so tired, but at least I’m shifting stuff.

Yesterday was quite traumatic when my internet and phone both fell over. I had a jolly time arguing the toss with the supplier and they promised faithfully it would be up within 4 hours (i.e. by 4pm), but it actually took 7 hours. By this time I’d already done all the manual stuff I could do and so I hotfooted it over to the poet’s house and used his internet to do the online stuff.

Before heading over there we connected my old telly to the laptop in the hope we can cure this neck ache I’m getting. I placed the laptop riser and my lectern on books to raise them up to eye level and while that seemed to improve things, the neck was still aching. So now I have the telly connected and my “new monitor” is MASSIVE.

The internet fonts aren’t great at the moment, but the computer fonts are quite big and clear. I need to play with the resolution, though, as I’ve run out of desk to push the telly back on.

The picture’s an update of how the office looks now … and yes, that is cat fluff next to the letter trays … (bad housekeeper).

With the laptop pushed to the left-hand side now, I have plenty of desk space for longhand and hard copy work.

The trays on the right-hand edge of the picture are my work trays: top = to do; middle =  filing (groan); bottom = shredding.

In order to carry on using the telly as a television, we have to get an extended TV aerial cable. I’m hoping streamed videos work quite well.

Much of this morning has been spent rearranging the office, along with some household chores. I do have a historical fiction I want to crack on and edit today, but at some point I’m also starting off a meat and potato pie. I also need to update the gig list for this week.

My internet’s back on so I’d best get on with it.