I can stand the rain

Diane and Ian on *another* bridge. (Picture: Diane Parkin)

I’m loving listening to and watching the rain at the moment, so much so that I’ve set up camp on the kitchen table where I can see it through the open back door.

I had a bit of a mini-revelation over the past few days. I really, really need a view when I’m working. My desk is currently shoved into a dark corner of the bedroom, with a view of 2 walls. Granted with lots of familiar bits and pieces all over them, but short of knocking through a window, I think I need to move the office.

Even when I’m writing longhand, editing longhand or proofreading longhand, I like to sit on the settee in the living room opposite the window, even when there’s not a lot to see.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I do intend to one day gut the spare room and make it my office. There’s a window my desk will fit under, and I can watch the birds – and the weather – through the window. It’s going to cost money, though. And that’s the dilemma.

I have other things I need to spend my money on first; but I also need to optimise my earning so that I can afford it all.

Food for thought, but I think the next big job in this house may be converting the spare room to an office. There will still be room for an occasional, fold-up bed, and the number of visitors I actually get doesn’t actually justify a permanent bed taking up optimum working space all the time.

I’ve been very busy. I didn’t make it to Mom’s and Dad’s yesterday because I had to deal with idiots for most of Wednesday and lost the whole day. It also gave me the chance to have a good old de-clutter in the bedroom and office area, which is good and makes the work space inviting again. But it did take All Day.

So yesterday I worked. I carried on editing a non-fiction that I should finish (and invoice – hurrah!) today.

I have the weekend to myself and while I was considering going to the Leeds write-in tomorrow afternoon and maybe a gig tomorrow night, I can’t really afford it and I do have plenty of other work to be getting on with. I’ve also cancelled a dentist’s appointment today and will probably cancel my hair appointment as well.

If I can do all of my October income work before the 14th of the month, I can spend the rest of the month getting in new work, writing and preparing for NaNoWriMo in November.

I’m going to see my parents on Tuesday anyway, as we have some stuff to deal with. But between then and now I’m going to be busy, busy, busy.

This is the last of the pictures from our holiday in Dentdale, and probably my favourite one of the lot. It’s one that I set up and, I must say, it’s actually quite good. 😀

Have a lovely weekend.

Two pictures today …

Diane in front of a couple more bridges ... (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)
Diane in front of a couple more bridges … (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Yesterday I succumbed and put the heating on. It’s very low, as low as it can go, and it’s on a timer. But it’s on. And today I was reminded that yesterday was 1 October, so the local authority still hasn’t left me. I was bullied into it by the dog, who sat in front of the fire with such a sad look on his face I could hardly resist. But I have to admit, it has gone a bit chilly now.

I’ve not done a lot this week other than the usual. I didn’t do the walks report because no one sent me any information. I’ve stopped doing the daily competitions because I need that extra half-hour slot in the day now to meet my new business objectives. And I’ve not done much job bidding.

But I did start to edit a non-fiction, and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing constantly. I’ve also done the gig list for this week and started to plan my NaNoWriMo for November.

A lovely picture of Ian crossing the River Dove. (Picture: Diane Parkin)
A lovely picture of Ian crossing the River Dove. (Picture: Diane Parkin)

Tomorrow I’m off to Birmingham to visit my parents and Friday afternoon is an errands day with trips to the dentist and to the hairdresser thrown in. That gives me just today and Friday morning, and any time I can squeeze in in between to do any work.

I know I said there were only 3 pictures from our holiday for this week, but I couldn’t decide between the one at the top or the one at the bottom, so I used them both. Friday’s will be the last picture, and my absolute favourite from Dent.

Enjoy them anyway.