A fair week

Just look at my to do list from Wednesday. (Link here.) I’ve done quite well this week, apart from that pesky daily wordcount. But I have started it and I do itch to do it.

I even have a few things to add to the list:

  • negotiated unsolicited request to edit a non-fiction book 
  • negotiated unsolicited request for possible regular writing gig, i.e. 2 – 5 articles per month 
  • responded to call for submissions for new writing ebook 

The non-fiction book’s definitely on, we just have to wait for it to arrive at the office. I sent my CV off and some cuttings for the regular writing job, and hopefully she’ll like what she sees. I’m currently negotiating the second writing job. Please keep everything crossed for me.

I did quite well in the end on the previous client’s book. I’m still looking for pictures, and I’m brushing up on my formatting skills, but I’m awaiting some feedback before continuing.

I’ve been fairly busy on the job hunting front, but while I have 16 jobs on my watch list, I’ve not bid for any yet. I’ll do that today. I’ll also tackle the personal writing work today.

Tomorrow I may be on my own for the day, or I may be off to Leeds for the first (for me) write-in of the year. Then Sunday, or the ‘other’ day will be R&R.

Have a great weekend. What are you planning on doing?

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