Waiting …

And so I find myself waiting again.

Waiting for a client to approve milestone 1 of 3 so I can continue with the next part of the job.

Waiting for a new non-fiction to arrive so I can start editing it (and invoice it …).

Waiting for 4 books to come back from 1st proofs so I can crack on with the next stage.

Waiting for potential clients to respond to emails and messages.

Waiting for promised work to materialise from regular client.

Last week I offered to write a short article for an ebook. I’ve been given the go ahead on that and if no other work comes in that’ll be next on the list.

Last week I was approached to see if I’d like a regular writing gig. I’m now waiting to see if she was happy with the cuttings pack I sent.

This week I’ve pitched for about 24 jobs so far. So far, 2 have been declined, 1 has asked if we can Skype, and 1 has said she’ll respond when she’s trawled through the 60-odd other bidders.

This week I’ve had 1 fiction book come back from the proofreader but I’m waiting for the author to supply his corrections too.

This week I’ve caught up on banking, admin, job hunting, competitions. I now need to catch up with some writing – but I also need some money.

What are you waiting for this week?

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