Good news

Yesterday I received some good news. I sold my first piece to a new market, which was actually submitted on spec and acknowledged before Christmas but formally accepted yesterday. I’ll have a filler in tomorrow’s Guardian, but it’ll also be available online. I’ll supply the link next week.

I also heard from the newest client, who is “very happy” with the work I’ve done. I have some more to do on that today.

I was invited to bid on several jobs, but I declined all of them as they don’t really fit my experience or skills.

And today I received payment for a job completed 2 weeks ago. Fourteen days isn’t a bad settlement period, but this particular work I usually get paid for within 3 – 5 days of completion.

This morning I pitched for another 7 jobs, and that brings this week’s tally to more than 30.

The to-do list has been fair again, with just 3 items not done. Everything else should be completed by the end of Sunday, as one is a visit to Brum.

I think I’m also moving this weekend. What are you up to? Hope it’s a goodun. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Good news

  1. This is good news indeed, Diane. I’ve flirted with the idea of doing a bit of freelancing, but have not taken the leap. I really pleased that you’re finding new markets for your work.


  2. Jackie Sayle

    Knowing Diane, when she says ‘I might be moving’ she could well mean she’ll be dancing at a gig this weekend. She’s a tease like that, dontchya know? 🙂


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