So much has happened

It’s been an AGE since I posted anything. This is mostly because on the days I usually post (Mon, Wed, Fri) I’ve either been out or doing something away from the pc. This is unacceptable and needs to change. I apologise for being so tardy.

So, what’s happened since 21 Feb …?

Well, we’ve had a few gigs. We’ve been to a few gigs. We’ve been for a few meals. We’ve taken the dog for a few walks. The poet had a new grand child – his first, a girl. He also had a birthday. He had his first fishing trip of the new year. I managed to take some rare photographs of him with his parents, all 3 of his kids and the new addition – some nice 3- and 4-generation pics. We spent a couple of days in Birmingham. The poet’s 2 lads and their friends made it to what is still a local gig for the rest of his band, making it a very special week for him. And we’ve been viewing (and discounting) properties in which to live.

Oh yes, and I picked up loads (LOADS) of work. I currently have 3 non-fictions in to edit and a novel, as well as author and proofreader revisions on 2 more. I’m in the middle of one and have also been surfing for new work. I won a couple of extras last week, as well as 2 writing sales, so I’m happy that things are headed in the right direction.

This weekend is another busy one for us as we’re off to Keswick for a couple of days for my birthday. We’re staying with the lovely Carol and her friend, who are in the area for the Words by the Water festival next week. We’re both currently full of cold at the moment, though, and are hoping we take as little of it as possible with us when we go. We’ll be back on Monday.

I was hoping to rejoin the Leeds write-ins during March, but so far we’ve been doing other things. Perhaps I’ll make it for CampNaNo in April instead.

Whatever you’re up to, have a great weekend. Back next week, hopefully with pictures, perhaps like this one …

Heron at Newmillerdam. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)
Heron at Newmillerdam. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)