New research fodder

Phew! What a weekend!

Friday night we had a gig over in Doncaster, so that’s always a rush. It was a good, atmospheric gig, but a little late finishing by the time everything was packed to go. The guitarist was on a flyer because he had to be at a triathlon time trial by 7am – or something equally silly – so they were a man down.

Saturday morning, first thing, we heard that the guitarist had qualified for Team GB, coming 30th out of 11,000 (or something like that), but definitely 3rd in his age group. I asked him what happened to the other 2 places and he said he’d get them next year. Hearty congratulations go to our Tom, though. Well done, matey.

I headed off to the write-in in Leeds where we were 7. I came up with 2 research questions for Catch the Rainbow, and I wrote 1,341 words. I had a lift to and from the station, but when we got back it was another dash to get ready for another gig, but this one was more local.

Saturday evening we watched the boxing in the pub, and then Monkey Dust finished off the night with a cracking set. We seem to have nailed the gremlins that were plaguing them for a while and the sound was really good.

On Sunday, the poet went fishing, which gave me the whole day to do whatever I wanted.

I got up at 11am and started by doing washing! I put a load away and put another load through. I swept the patio and threw a vacuum cleaner around the downstairs. I took the dog for a walk, and I dropped into Tesco to buy some new research fodder and a shorthand notebook – the notebook had to be polypropylene and it had to be fluorescent shocking pink.

I managed all but the fluorescent part.

20140602_114630The research fodder was magazines to update my files on which are looking for what kind of fillers and short stories these days. I have a shiny new notebook, that I’ve actually had for a while. But I’ve decided it’s going to be my new WiP notebook.

I’ll start by listing all the fillers the magazines are looking for, along with contact and payment details. And then I’ll do my WiP chart – Plan; Write draft #1; Write draft #2; Write (type) draft #3; Edit & Submit.

The idea is to have several short projects on the go all the time to ensure a regular flow of work to do as well as out there earning its keep.

The poet didn’t fish very well, but he had a nice day despite picking up some kind of pollen allergy. He’s suffering really badly today, too. So, once I wrote a further 1,056 words, we had a nice, cosy evening in front of the telly to wind down.

Today I have that WiP work to start and a non-fiction to start editing. I also already have washing on the line and more in waiting to go out.

Have a very happy Monday. 🙂