Coalfields 2014

One week after we got home from our holiday we went to Coalfields 2014, a music festival held in Darton, Barnsley, every year. This year, proceeds went to Barnsley Hospice.

The festival kicked off at noon on the Black Vines Alternative Stage. There then followed nine hours of music provided by 46 acts or artistes.

We got there at about 1:30pm and it was already nicely busy. We had a wander, bought hotdogs, drank pop, and drifted from one tent or stage to another, settling down to watch anyone who caught our eye.

We remembered 2 bands from last year – Fluffy Gremlins (who haven’t grown much – they’re all kids) and Demographic (whose lead singer seems to have grown the biggest beard in the festival ground). We saw another new band we’d like to know more about (The Fallout from Manchester). And we saw friends and colleagues in their bands, one of them new (Platinum, Fiery Biscuits and Foenix).

The weather stayed very kind to everyone – I had to sit in the shade for much of the afternoon – and there wasn’t any trouble. We nipped home at teatime to see to the dog, and there was a police patrol car just arriving as we were just leaving, so we had a chat with the driver.

Here are a few pictures to give you a flavour of the event (all copyright Diane Parkin or Ian Wordsworth):

P1030778 P1030782 P1030786 P1030789 P1030791 P1030792 P1030794 P1030796 P1030798 P1030801

Coalfields is held each year at the cricket club in Darton, usually in July. We went for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So we made a point to go along this year and spend more time at the festival.

While we were there, an invite came through via Facebook to a beer festival right in our home village, just around the corner from our house. So we left the music festival at about 8:30pm and went in search of the beer festival.

Some friends of ours were playing there in their new band, Sunshine Bus, plus there were sweets for me (I had Turkish Delight) and cider for him (he had … lots …).

We had lots of fun singing along and dancing, and the poet came home with 2 half-demi-johns (quarto-johns?) of locally made cider. Unfortunately, this is the only picture we took … Enjoy.