The fun police

There’s been a bit of an ice bucket challenge going viral just lately, in case you’ve been living in a cave and missed it. And, as usual, there have been some very vocal people both for and against the fun awareness campaign for various reasons. While everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, however, I don’t personally believe that anyone has the right to tell other people what to do or what not to do based on their own beliefs.

For example, it’s been cited as a waste of water. Although I’m sure that where there are water shortages it probably hasn’t been done as much. And yes, I have seen at least one news story over the weekend about an island running out of water. But generally, the water has run back into the ground, or the bath, or whatever, and so will eventually end up back in our water supply again.

It’s been cited as a stupid waste of time. Even though it’s raised millions for charities, it has raised awareness for various charities and conditions, and it’s given a lot of people a lot of FUN – does anyone remember FUN? – and LAUGHTER – does anyone remember LAUGHTER …?

Some people have refused to do the challenge, because they’re ill, or don’t believe in it, or because they think they do enough for charity, or just because they don’t want to. Well, that’s their prerogative, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

And mostly the complaints have been the selected so-called charity spending hundreds of thousands on administration and executive boards and the like, despite, when you actually break it down, those “admin charges” accounting for less than 7% of total expenditure, although a lot of people who have joined in the challenge have elected to send their donation to a charity or good cause of their OWN CHOICE.

I don’t personally care whether anyone does the challenge or not. I think it’s been a lot of fun for those who have joined in, and it has raised a lot of money for a lot of well-known and less-known causes around the country. But I do wish the whingers would just stop whingeing about whatever they’re whingeing about and let people do or not do whatever they want to do, or don’t want to do.

10515219_10203376566633386_8282716501727311104_oI’ve not been nominated for the challenge, and I’m not sure I want to be. But if I am, I probably will do it, IF I WANT TO, and I’ll send MY donation to the charity or good cause of MY choice. I’ll also share the video on Facebook if I want to – last time I looked, MY Facebook page had MY name at the top of it and no one else’s.

The poet has done it and, bless his heart, he didn’t nominate me. I did have to witness him dressed up in a tiger onesie, though, and I did get the dubious honour of dousing him with freezing cold water.

I can’t upload the video here because I can’t save it off Facebook and, anyway, it looks as though I have to pay for an upgrade on WordPress in order to upload a video. So here’s his “before” shot – he didn’t hang around long enough for me to take an “after” shot.

Doesn’t he look … erm … fearless? ❤


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