Admin, admin, admin

Admin, it has to be done. And I’ve been doing a lot of it in the past few days.

Last week I had to sort out my car insurance. I’ve gone for a straight renewal, but they hadn’t sent details of monthly repayments, and they’d added a legal expenses fee on my behalf without even checking. So I had to call them to ensure they wouldn’t take the whole premium in one go and to insist that they remove the legal expenses fee. That brought it down a little.

This week it’s the tax return. I should have done it yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling great yesterday and didn’t do any “proper” work at all beyond take the poet to the dentist. Next year’s should be easier, as I changed all of my bank accounts over at the start of 2014, which means I’ve had to collate 3 lots of statements for the 2013 – 2014 tax return. Next year, it should all be in one place. At least I’ve been able to export them all, though, and merge them together in Excel. This year, for the first time ever, I’ve not sat and painstakingly written out all of my expenses by hand.

We had a very busy weekend with a trip to Birmingham on Saturday, a gig Saturday evening and another gig Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, aside from feeling a bit pap, I was also very, very tired. We turned in at 9pm last night, and I got up at 11am today. I don’t feel so tired any more …

Next job is to get out a search party for my tax return form so I can transfer the information from Excel and get it in the post. As I do the return by hand, it has to be in by 31 October. If I did it online, I’d have until 31 January. But if I do it now, it’s done and out of the way and they can work out how much tax I owe them … which isn’t usually very much.

I also have books to edit this week, but so far no author/proofreader revisions as I shifted all of those last week. Apart from the one where we’re still waiting to hear from one of the authors.

The poet is off to Scotland again tomorrow. I thought that was it, but it seems he still has quite a few days to do up there and just forgot to mention them to me.

Right, search party …

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