NaNo hiatus

My NaNo for 2014 has stalled, but only temporarily.

I usually write longhand, and several drafts before committing to first typed draft, but this year, as an experiment, I’ve been drafting straight onto the laptop. This can be difficult when driving and a tad rude while visiting.

On Saturday we drove down to Birmingham and got stuck in some bad traffic, mostly due to squally showers slowing everyone down, but also due to roadworks. While we were in Birmingham, we visited my dad and then we popped to the hospital to visit my mom. Then we had to turn around at 4pm and leave and head back home.

No sooner had we arrived home and grabbed something very quickly to eat than we were turning around and going straight out. We had a birthday party in Leeds to get to.

The party was great but there was just no other time in the day to do any writing.

On Sunday we had our shopping to do and we also started to pack. Two weeks this coming Friday we move house, and we still haven’t unpacked fully from when I moved over here earlier in the year. So we’re moving 2 houses, still.

By the time we stopped yesterday, I was physically exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes open, and – unfortunately – my NaNo isn’t a job the poet can do for me if I can’t manage it.

So I lost 2 days and had every intention of starting again this morning … and then my computer packed up. I couldn’t get logged into it and all of my files are locked away in there. Because I didn’t do a backup last Friday (I really need to start doing this last job on a Friday again so I have the latest versions of everything backed up safely).

We manged to eventually break into the system and collect my files, but 2 of the other laptops we have in the house also failed to load properly, one only had a trial version of Office on anyway, and neither would connect to the internet.

I need the internet to collect work and to send it back. Fortunately, the work I wanted for this week was already saved to my laptop, but we had to get it off there, onto another and then printed. And I couldn’t get either of the other laptops to see the printer either, and I ended up coming back to my own laptop and doing some startup recovery maintenance to it.

Hurrah! I finally got it all up and running again, getting it to look at a previous date when everything worked fine. I think it’s a corrupt Word file that caused the problem, but time will tell.

It’s now gone 4pm and I have paid work with deadlines to catch up with, so NaNo will have to wait again until tomorrow …

… but tomorrow I have to take the poet to the station for his last run to Scotland for a while, and then I have a new mobile phone coming.

It’s going to be busy, but hopefully normal service will resume again tomorrow. Just in case I have a problem again, however, I’ve printed off all of my current outstanding work so at least I have something to work on by hand. I’ve also saved all of my current client and writing files to a memory stick so I can hop onto another (working) laptop if necessary, or go to the library and use one of theirs.

At least one of the laptops tried today is having its hard drive removed and is then going in the skip. The other one may also follow it if we can’t get it to connect to the internet.

What do you do when you run out of time?

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