Back up and running

Well, it was a bit of a slog, but we made it. We still have a lot of work to do – a lot! – but at least we have one empty ex house, two empty cars and the makings of somewhere to sit, sleep, eat and work. The spare bedroom is still packed to the rafters and so is the garage. But the setting is so, so beautiful, it really was worth all the hard work.

The removals people were a nightmare. Despite being asked several times to let us know when they were going into the room the dog was in, they still let him escape – at the new house. They damaged the bigger of the 2 settees and got mud all over it. They dropped loads of bedding in the mud. They broke a toolbox and a tool chest. And they rammed everything in any old where despite everything being clearly labelled. We have spent three days this week just taking stuff out of rooms and putting it all back in some order, in the right place, and with room to move around it all.

On Thursday we hired a van to take a load of stuff over to son #1, and to fetch some furniture back that’s more in keeping with the new place than all the modern stuff we had between us. Friday morning we had to go and pay the deposit and everything. And we were back by 12 noon where the removals people had at least already been working for 20 minutes. After 2 trips with the van, 1 trip in my car and 2 trips for the poet in his car, it was gone 6pm by the time we finished. But we had to go back a day or so later to get a load of stuff that had been left, and that filled both cars with the backs down and the front seat pushed forward.

We have so much junk between us it’s untrue. But at least the weeding process has begun, with some of it being done along the way.

Since then we’ve been re-moving boxes and furniture, rebuilding furniture and rearranging everything. One job for the poet was to cut down my huge, mahoosive, wonderful desk to fit the new space. Abbey Road is smaller here than it was at the other house, but we still have the office at one end and the studio at the other … but because I needed the office to start work today, that’s been unpacked (although there are still shelves to go up and more boxes to unpack). The studio needs unpacking and connecting, but with 2 gigs this weekend, there are 2 guitars and a pedal board already accessible.

Yesterday we finished at gone 5pm but off we toddled to Doncaster to get my new computer system. We decided to spend some of my winnings on the latest gear and software to help me do my job in the most professional manner I can.

So here, for now, is how my new office looks:


Of course it’s totally useless when I have a cat who wants to be in my face:


But I’m up and running and raring to go.

Today, then, I have a finished book to take to the post office to send back to the client. I have a big non-fiction I’m in the process of editing. I have snagging for 2 books apparently on the way. And I have the odd box or bag to unpack. I also have a novel to kickstart, which was stalled during, and leading up to, the move. And I have a new Office package to get used to, as well as bookmarks to set up on the new pc, etc.

Oh, and I see the snow is back on the blog. It must be December. 🙂

I’d best crack on. Toodle pip.