Raking the moon (and a mini rant)

More of the skating mallards on Wormy’s Lake. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We feel very privileged to live where we do, and we’re very happy to pay for that privilege – and pay well. As with everything else in the history of this blog, I’ve used nicknames of people or places in my life to maintain some privacy. I’m generally very open, but not when it concerns others whose blog this isn’t, unless I’ve already asked their permission. And I’m the same on Facebook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, the lot.

This is why we call the lake at the end of our lane “Wormy’s Lake”. It’s a privately owned lake that Leeds & District Amalgamated Society of Anglers owns the angling rights to, and the poet has a Leeds & District ASA fishing licence that entitles him to fish there – along with about 2 or 3 other anglers on a busy day. But the actual lake is private property and has trespassing warnings all over it. They don’t even hold matches there. And it’s a bit too close to where we actually live for me to be revealing any map co-ordinates to the world and his wife. Oh yes, and we call it “our lane” because it’s the lane where we live. Isn’t that normal?

Someone has not only felt the need to go out of their way to find out where we live (when all they had to do was ask, as others have done privately), but they’ve also gone to the liberty of trying to tell others where we live too. This is all very odd to us and, actually, smacks of either stalking or sour grapes – and many people we’ve told agree. We made a very conscious decision to move to where we live now, for many, many reasons that are not really anyone else’s business. And – actually – we made sure we got it. We’re also very proud that we did get it. We’ve had a pretty nasty slog to get here and we’re bloody pleased that we did. If that makes us smug, then so be it.

We will continue to enjoy our new surroundings and I will continue to bore folk with tales and pictures of our surroundings. If anyone doesn’t like it, they know what to do – or what not to do. DON’T come here; DON’T watch; DO press the hide or delete button. But reveal our private details to anyone and we WILL take it further.

*** end of mini rant ***

We’ve had another very busy week with the poet away in Germany for most of it. Then yesterday he was “over the hill” in Manchester again, and this morning he’s on his way to Sheffield. This afternoon we go to pick up his new car, which we spent a couple of hours last Saturday deliberating over. And this evening, we’ll do the shopping.

There’s a busy weekend on the horizon too. Tomorrow it’s the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival. I have been going to this biennial event so many times since I found out about it and tomorrow – I hope – we’re going to finally make it. On Sunday we’re off to Birmingham to see my parents, and Monday we’re off to Doncaster to see the poet’s parents and his daughter, and to celebrate his grand-daughter’s first birthday.

Our fruit and veg boxes are due today. They weren’t there when we got up this morning, but I think they were early last time because of the snow. When we do the shopping, we’ll buy stuff to complement what we get. And that means we may also squeeze in a trip to a farm shop over the weekend.

Workwise, I have to get my head down now as I have some very pressing deadlines all coming in at once and one of them is a very big job.

What are you up to this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Raking the moon (and a mini rant)

  1. Alison Runham 20 February 2015 / 5:05 pm

    Honestly, what is up with people!
    I too like to keep my exact whereabouts quiet. If someone was familiar with my village and followed me all over the place on social media, they would probably put two and two together. Hopefully not too quickly; I try to be careful.

    I find it immensely sad that people don’t have anything better to do than to track down exactly where you live. I’ve always known vaguely where you’re located, and that’s quite enough for me – why would I need to know?
    And if I did, I would ask privately – and you would tell me if you wanted to, and politely decline if you didn’t. I certainly wouldn’t spend time trying to piece together the clues. Tsk and double tsk!

    As for my weekend; a little work for the paid job and some sorting indoors. A nice walk somewhere would be good, and perhaps a cosy pub for a meal before we all plunge back into full on school, college and work again 🙂

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    • DP 21 February 2015 / 10:29 am

      That was Ian’s response to. Obviously someone with a very sad, empty life.


  2. Jackie 21 February 2015 / 3:07 am

    I don’t blame you for having a rant, mini or otherwise. What strange behaviour from that person. I mean, why didn”t they just ask, like I did, if they wanted to know where to send your Christmas card or whatever? And, even though I do know where you live, I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else unless you gave me permission to. Hope you both have a great weekend. x

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    • DP 21 February 2015 / 10:28 am

      Exactly, Jackie. x


  3. carolwarham 21 February 2015 / 8:56 am

    Seems there are some very green-eyed people out there.

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    • DP 21 February 2015 / 10:27 am

      That’s certainly what comes across, although they try to dress it up as us boasting.


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