We interrupt this broadcast …

website thumbnailYes, yes, I know I promised pictures and mini travelogue, but the new website is now up and running. And I even have a shiny new domain name anorl.

I think I’m happy with it, although there are still some tweaks that need doing. But there’s a “latest news” page where today’s “news” asks for audience participation – or interaction. That means you lot.

If anyone has the time or the inclination, I’d be very grateful if you could hop along to the website and/or the news page and let me know what you think – what you like, what you hate, what you think should be included/excluded, and how user-friendly (or not) it is (or isn’t).

The pictures and travelogue will follow, once normal service has resumed. I can’t believe how time-consuming it is to change one’s online presence.

Thank you for joining in! 🙂