Water lily

water lily
Water lily, RSPB Old Moor (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

What a week! I don’t feel as if we’ve stopped – and we still haven’t. There’s more yet to come.

On Wednesday I worked right up to teatime editing a book that had already been paid for (although I hadn’t yet touched the money). Then it was a mad dash out to catch draw-time on a fishing match.

It wasn’t such a successful evening as before, the poet is still familiarising himself with the fishery and I didn’t start anything that can be completed other than 800-odd words of notes and writing exercises. There were also only about 5 anglers there.

On our way home we turned into our lane and were very privileged to see a roe deer and a fawn disappearing over the walls on either side (Mum went one way, offspring went the other). We walked back down after parking up to see if they were reunited, but there was no sign of them. It was lovely to see, though, and a total surprise.

Yesterday was a very busy day. The poet was in Tipton and I was in Birmingham and when we headed back together, it took us nearly 4 hours to get home. And then we had another mad dash to get the poet to band practice. Three of the 4 band members were late last night, and the drummer was on the phone when we got there making sure he had the right night.

I went off to do the shopping, then we got back and had hotdogs for supper.

Today I’m still very, very busy. I have 5 short stories to edit and a technical paper – all by the end of the day. And in the middle of it all I have a dentist appointment. (Boo!) Then it’s going to be another rushed tea as we’re off out to Sheffield to another music festival this evening, followed by 2 more days over the course of the weekend.

So, just a shorty today. Even though I keep getting distracted by a new (free) book cover creation package I’ve discovered.

The water lily was another of the pictures I “ordered” the other week. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

What’re you up to this weekend?

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