Diary of a freelance writer, 16 September 2015

young adults10 minutesHow did your homework go last week? Did you join in and send anything off? Aside from the first acknowledgement I received, I’ve not heard anything about mine. I might schedule in a chase session next week.

There are 2 books featured in today’s diary, GET STARTED IN WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION by Juliet Mushens, and WRITE A NOVEL IN TEN MINUTES A DAY by Katharine Grubb. Both are available from Teach Yourself Books. (The TYB link is to the creative writing section, but there are loads of other departments too in this series.)

I’ve already started the young adult book, but I’ve not even bought the 10 minutes a day book yet, although it is on my wishlist … and the more I read about it, the more tempted I am. I love good writing books, and I love good time management books too. If anyone has it and has read it, I’d appreciate your opinions. 

On Wednesday I wrote the second instalment of my freelance writing diary. I also had a recall from an editing client, where the client’s client wanted 3 spaces at the start of each paragraph. Every. Single. Paragraph. And they had to be physical spaces too. I couldn’t set an auto-indent throughout. They’d asked for a very quick, very light edit … but they got considerably more. So I’ll be thinking more carefully next time they approach me with work.

I had the day off on Thursday due to a series of appointments arranged throughout the day. In between time, though, I did start a heavy edit I should have started the day before.

The heavy edit took up most of Friday, so I didn’t get time to do any writing or admin work. I didn’t manage a blog post either.

We didn’t have any research trips arranged for the weekend. Instead we had to do shopping stuff, band stuff, and family stuff.

On Monday morning I received an email from one of my overseas markets itemising what they’re planning for their November issue – wow, a 6-week lead time. As it happened, I had a short story reprint I thought might fit their brief. So I checked it through, repackaged it and sent it off. Almost by return.

I finished the heavy edit on the hard copy client book I’d started. I was so busy with that, though, that I didn’t have time to write a blog post for the weekend.

I needed a rest from the book I’d just edited, before starting the electronic edits, so I started what I thought would be an easy proofread. However, it’s actually a heavy proofread and is taking longer than I thought. If I get it done today (Wednesday), then I’ll drop it in overnight. Otherwise they may get it Thursday night or Friday morning, when I have more errands booked.

I managed a blog post on Tuesday, started to read the young adult writing book and did a few of the exercises, and I managed to study a module of my fiction writing course.

Your homework for this week:

  • If you have WRITE A NOVEL IN TEN MINUTES A DAY, let me know what you think of it.
  • If there’s anything you didn’t manage to complete last week, do it this week. But make sure it is done this week.
  • If you’ve already had responses to queries sent last week, start to schedule the work in – research and writing.
  • If, like me, you’re waiting for responses, is there something else you can be getting on with? A longer piece of work or something that’s been nagging at the back of your mind?
  • If you don’t have anything to do this week, read a writing book with exercises and do the exercises, or research writing books to buy or writing courses to study.
  • Let us know how you get on.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a freelance writer, 16 September 2015

  1. I didn’t ‘exactly’ fail but nearly. *sob* . I printed off a story from my backlog with a view to trying a new market. Where is it? Still on my desk! However we did get back to creative writing group this week and had an interesting time. Simon Whaley featured quite strongly (of which he is now aware!) One of the group has put me to shame and started her own blog for her writing. That’s 2 of them now with blogs. However I have progressed on the novel and with the reading I am doing. I have loads of ideas for articles and some for stories in my head. My problem is that that is where they often remain. 😦


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