Diary of a freelance writer, 4 November 2015

“Mardi Gras” (NaNoWriMo 2015)

Well, the year is galloping onwards towards its end, and we’re already into day 4 of NaNoWriMo.

I haven’t started today’s yet as it’s scheduled in at 11am and I’m trying to stick to that 2-hour slot.

It’s a bit of a short diary this week as most of the words I write should really go towards my NaNoWriMo and any other writing work I can fit in. How is your NaNo going?

On Wednesday, I did a bit more prep work for NaNo, I wrote 884 words on one project, and I continued with the hard copy edit of an easy book for a client.

On Thursday I did some tweaking with my NaNo prep on Scrivener, juggling index cards, writing remaining brief blurbs on each, and then transferring that to the top of the page for each index card/chapter. By the end of Thursday I felt ready to tackle NaNo.

I moved a hair appointment forward from Friday, and I continued with the easy hard copy edit.

On Friday I was waiting in for a fancy dress delivery and I wrote 578 words on a project. I finished the hard copy easy edit and finalised details for a new edit.

We had my dad for the weekend, which involved a 430-mile round trip to collect him and then another to take him home again.

We had a Monkey Dust gig too, which was also our Halloween party – hence the fancy dress. We got to bed at 3am on Sunday morning, so had a real chilled day with Dad on Sunday. But we didn’t get out to do any research trips.

At 11am on Sunday, I obediently sat down at the kitchen table, with my notebook/switch, and I banged out 1,750 words for NaNoWriMo.

Monday was a bit of a short day as we were taking my dad home. There was a lot of fog so we had to leave as early as we could in order to have a chance of getting back again.

I wrote a very short 248 words on a project, then again at 11am I sat down at the kitchen table and bashed out 1,756 words. My dad made me a cup of tea and brought me cake, so that was a nice treat.

On Tuesday I started a new edit. I still have the electronic edits of the easy book to do, but another client came in with a rush job and I was already late squeezing that one in for her. It’s only a short job and doesn’t take many hours out of my schedule.

NaNoWriMo was very difficult. Not because I didn’t have the words, but because I kept on being distracted.

The poet’s car is still in the garage and we’re now arguing with the car company, the car dealership, the service department, customer services and the warranty people – I bet you all can’t wait for THAT particular rant to rear its head.

For 2½ weeks the poet has been patiently negotiating with them but is just about at the end of his tether now, so I stepped in to see what I could do – and I received a response virtually straight away. (You can see the Twitter links in the sidebar.) The rant will depend on the outcome, as will my own choice of new car next year.

It took me all day, though, but I still managed 1,703 words. So I was very happy with that.

I don’t have any homework suggestions this week other than there’s still time to join in with NaNo if you want – and if you don’t feel you can manage 50,000 words then be a NaNo rebel, choose a different word-count and work on whatever suits you.


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  1. Good luck with nano. I hope the car gets sorted soon to your satisfaction. I’m full of cold just now having been generously donated it from hubby. However the writing is going…not sure where it’s going…but it’s going. 🙂


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