Diary of a freelance writer, 11 November 2015

“Mardi Gras” (NaNoWriMo 2015)


My NaNoWriMo is going very well. I set myself a daily target of 1,667 words, and on one day I managed exactly 1,667 words, on another day I managed 1,668 words, but all the others have been over 1,700 words. This means I’m still on target for 30 November.

I’ve not really been doing it at 11am as I’ve either not been quite ready or I’ve had something else more pressing to do – like sort out who to best speak to about the poet’s car, or finish an edit I really needed to invoice for, and things like that. But I have been doing it every day. Every single day. So I’m very pleased with myself about that. 🙂  ← see?

On Wednesday, I started to watch jazz funerals in New Orleans as part of my research for NaNo, and I chose some pictures of a couple of vehicles my characters would use. I wrote 1,714 words for NaNo and 625 words on another project. I also worked on a client edit.

On Thursday I had to renew my car insurance before noon. I should have done it the day before, but ran out of time. I wrote 1,762 words for NaNo, and I started the electronic edit of a client’s work.

It was bonfire night, but we didn’t go to any bonfires or fireworks demonstrations. We just watched from the garden. Rufus didn’t like it very much.

On Friday the gas man came and was here for half a day draining down the hot water and central heating system and doing what maintenance work he could while he was here. I did more of the client electronic edit, I wrote 1,667 words for NaNo, and I wrote 370 words for a different project.

We did some errands on Saturday and had a gig in Doncaster Saturday night, but aside from a bit of baking, I also managed 1,706 words for NaNo on Saturday and 1,702 words on Sunday.

On Monday, I continued with the electronic edit, did some gig list admin and some band admin, and I wrote 1,709 words for NaNo.

On Tuesday I did some of my pro-bono work, which took up most of the morning. This involved telephone liaison work and blog and FB page admin. I finished the electronic edit and got that submitted and invoiced (hurrah!), and I wrote 1,668 words for NaNo, 219 words for the pro-bono, and 378 on another project.

I don’t have any homework suggestions this week again other than NaNo if you’re doing it. Today I updated my monthly work spreadsheet and see I need to kick up the freelance writing work a bit, so I’ll be doing that as well as NaNo and editing over the coming week.

Have a good one.


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