Diary of a freelance writer, 18 November 2016

scriv againI’m keeping on top of my NaNoWriMo, which is the most important thing this month, although I had one short day that I’m still catching up on.

I did decide to just call it a short day too, rather than try and make it up the next day. I think if I’d done the latter, I might have given up.

This is how my Scrivener is looking for Part One. The index cards have been changed from “to do” to “first draft”.

On Wednesday I did some much-needed admin work that had been neglected for the whole of November so far. This was mostly my monthly spreadsheet that shows what work I have in and what work I’ve done, how many words written, how much money earned, how many jobs pitched for, etc.

The spreadsheet has been working really well since I started it a few months ago, but each of the components were on their own individual page. Now I have one of those big, massive spreadsheets that has lots of tables on the first page.

I managed to write 1,697 words for NaNoWriMo and I wrote a further 456 words on another project.

Thursday was my short day. I’d started the day late, due to various reasons, and was behind on all the day’s work. And I’d just settled in to write my daily NaNo (already very late) when it was time to go and collect the poet’s car.

On the way back we also did the shopping and by the time we’d put that away and had tea it was too late to do any more work. So I only managed 189 words on Thursday, but at least we had the car back. 🙂

On Friday I was back in the saddle and wrote a further 1,676 words. But because they were quite a wrench, that’s when I decided to leave Thursday’s count as it was and just live with it.

I printed off the next hard-copy editing job for a client.

We didn’t have any research trips at the weekend, although we did want to go somewhere on Sunday afternoon if we had chance. Saturday was a cooking day for the poet and I managed 1.679 words for NaNo. He had a gig Saturday night, but when we got there, everyone decided to cancel it and we all went home.

On Sunday we went to see my parents and do some jobs and errands for them, and – as I say – we were going to go somewhere on the way back. But the weather was horrible and it was already starting to get dark when we left, so we came straight home. When we got home I wrote 1,730 words and felt very smug for doing that.

By Monday, with NaNoWriMo settling into a bit of a rhythm, I found my mind straying to other freelance writing work, and I started to do my think/query/write/submit thing … well, I got as far as printing off the topical dates I’d normally need in November and slipped them into my notebook, but it’s the thought that counts, yes? 😉 I also found myself tidying the desk and office a little too, which is often a good sign.

I managed to write 1,706 words for NaNo today, and I didn’t leave them until the evening either. True, I didn’t do them in the booked 11am – 1pm time slot, but I still did them during the normal working day. Last week I’d spent a couple of evenings catching up at 9pm – 11pm, and that wasn’t doing my health much good. So on Monday I tried to pull it back to within the normal working day. I also managed to write 954 words on another project too.

On Tuesday, the job-pitch-itch descended and I tidied up the one remaining job board I still use and chased a couple of payments. Then I did a bit of a search on the job board and pitched for 8 new editing or proofreading jobs. I also wrote 1,792 words for NaNo.

My own homework this week is as follows:

a) continue with NaNoWriMo
b) start the new edit
c) think/query/write/submit for November (Jun/May/Apr/Mar 2016)

What’s your homework this week?