Diary of a freelance writer, 9 December 2016

I wasn’t going to do a diary today due to having just a 4-day week last week and another this week, and I can’t think what to illustrate it with either. But then I thought I’d have almost twice as much to do next week so I thought I may as well give it a pop.

I’ve not done much writing this week at all. I think I’m probably still in recovery for the blitz that was November. I have been busy doing other stuff, though.

Last Wednesday started with the blog, for which I at least wrote 776 words. Then it was publishing work on the republication of Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery.

All of the interior was completed, but I had to do that twice as Windows 10 managed to corrupt some of my Office files and I had to reload Windows 8.1 first and then recover my files. So that took a lot of faffing time.

We had pro-bono work to do Wednesday evening, with this month’s meeting over in Doncaster.

On Thursday I wrote the Friday blog and was going to schedule it, but decided to go ahead and publish. So that was another 561 words written. I also pre-scheduled a post for the gig list for Monday morning.

We had a lot of discussion about the cover for the book, and tried a few things, but then settled on one that we both thought looked good. And then I ordered a proof copy, which arrived on Saturday. (It’s looking good!)

We booked the weekend off a few months ago, once we found out when the Christmas markets were, but we ended up going to Matlock in Derbyshire on Friday instead of Lincoln, and are sure we had a much better day there than we would have done had we stuck to our original plans.

Illness wiped out pretty much most of the rest of the weekend, but we did manage some Christmas shopping on Monday.

Tuesday it was back in the hot seat and catching up on emails, because I forgot to switch on the out-of-office auto-reply. I also did some more pro-bono work.

I won one job I pitched for a week or so ago, and I pitched for another 9. And I wrote 793 words for the post-weekend blog.

So, as you can see, just a small one this time. Next week’s should be back to normal and then, well then it’s the Christmas holiday …