Kitchen garden: 1st decision made

IMG_4114aThe 2 options for placing the greenhouse were either in the top right-hand corner of the grass, where there’s a corner bed, or up against the wall between the kitchen (right) and living room (left) windows.

Placing it on the grass meant putting in a raised platform so that the door was level with the patio and we could go right in from the kitchen. This meant making shuttering and pouring in concrete, which is a little bit permanent and a little bit expensive.

It would also block the view from the kitchen window. AND we’d have to dig up the corner bed … though that’s probably coming out eventually anyway. Placing it against the wall meant it’s a temporary structure and we can take it with us, and it’s a lot cheaper.

So we’ve decided to put it against the wall.

This gives us another choice: do we get a lean-to greenhouse, or do we get a mini greenhouse? If we get a lean-to, we may have to either move the hanging basket bracket or incorporate it. What we can’t move is the boiler extraction unit. Whichever we decide there, though, we don’t have to wait on it. We can crack on and do the next thing on the list.

And here’s the priority list now:

  1. buy new rotary washing line (a long line isn’t really practical)
  2. position ground socket for new washing line (outside kitchen window)
  3. dispose of existing washing line and cart away to tip (currently outside living room window)
  4. research lean-to versus mini greenhouses
  5. research raised beds versus pots & containers

The weather is cold, dark and damp at the moment. The only jobs to do in the garden are practical and maintenance ones, but the poet does want to build a new bird table and restore the current bird table. We have a lot of birds now and one bird table isn’t big enough.

Plenty for us to think about there in January. 🙂