My fat year: Another 2lb gone

At Worsbrough Mill (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

I had no idea he was taking this picture, but do you see those press-studs on the back of my jacket? I’d like for those to be on the smaller fastening by the summer … My bum looks far too big in this photograph!

I’ve had a fairly good week but I totally failed on my first starvation day, which was Monday. Well, I don’t suppose I actually failed as such, but I didn’t do as well as I hoped.

By teatime I was STARVING and so I had an ordinary tea along with a snack. But I still stayed below 1,000 calories, so maybe that’s not as bad as 1,500 calories.

My second starvation day went a lot better, but not for the right reasons. I started well, just having cereal for breakfast. But I had a banging headache and a constant click in my neck every time I moved. Plus, I had a bit of eye-strain.

So at dinner time (midday) I had another bowl of cereal and went to bed.

I woke up at 4pm feeling much better, but only fancied some baked beans, some bread and butter, and some rice pudding for tea.

The following day was weigh-day, and I’d lost 2lb! So that’s 4lb altogether – or 5lb if you take into account the pound I put on in week one.

Now I know what to do on starvation days – go to bed!

The poet, by the way, had lost 6lb by last weekend. He’s not weighed himself yet this week, but he’s doing very well too.

We’re going on a big walk tomorrow, I think, as the weather forecast is favourable – and apparently better than it is on Sunday. But we also need to do some shopping at some point over the weekend. That, and doing washing, will be my exercise for this week.

2 thoughts on “My fat year: Another 2lb gone

  1. carol Warham 27 January 2016 / 12:17 pm

    Men always seem to be able to lose weight quicker and more easily. #grumble grumble#


    • Diane 27 January 2016 / 3:19 pm

      He’s doing very well, he’s up to an 8lb loss now.


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