My fat year: 2 steps forward, 1 step back

At Fountain’s Abbey (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

I’ve not had a great week myself, but the poet has lost a respectable 6lb altogether. In less than 4 weeks. That’s not a bad weight-loss of 1½lb per week. He’s already starting to look good for it too, trimmer, and he fits into his trousers better.

After 2 starvation days and feeling very hungry and fed-up by the end of them, only to see I’d not only not lost weight but put some back on, I decided to take another look at the diet choice.

And we’re changing to the lifestyle changing diet, where we just make healthier choices for main meals and stick to fruit instead of cakes, biscuits or chocolate for snacks. Again, the poet is already doing very well on this, taking fruit to work so he doesn’t succumb to toast or bacon sarnies.

We’re also learning about sugar and trying to cut that down, but I have a massive sweet tooth and I think that may have to be a gradual change rather than going cold turkey. There’s a lot of science in there too, and too much just overloads my poor brain, so that has to be drip-fed too.

Last week I received a congratulatory email from my online diet club for losing 4lb. I wonder if I’ll received a scolding email this week …

On the bright side, 4 weeks in, it’s measurements day. And I’m delighted to report that I’ve at least lost some inches –  1½” from my hips, another 1½” from my waist, ½” from my right arm, and ¼” from my left arm. So that’s 3¾” all together.

This weekend we’re hoping to build a walk in on our way back from my parents. I’m also starting to contemplate walking the dog for up to 30 minutes every day.