Walk: Market Bosworth Country Park

Daffodils (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We had a very busy weekend, which included a hospital visit 100 miles away on Sunday. But we still wanted to squeeze in a walk if we could.

At first we were going to drop off at a country park closer to home off the M1, but as we approached signs on the M42 to Bosworth Battlefield, we made a snap decision to go there instead.

Our path (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

The poet (a Yorkshireman) has always wanted to see where his last true king was killed in battle and it’s been on our to-do list for a few years now.

So we veered off the motorway and headed towards Market Bosworth in Leicestershire.

We arrived at the signed car park for the battlefield at 3pm, which was also at the Market Bosworth Country Park. There was a map at the toilet block, indicating a 3-mile walk to Bosworth Battlefield.

If we did that, it would be 5pm before we got back, and that was if we managed 3 miles an hour – with pictures, we often only manage 2 miles an hour. Not only was it pushing it slightly on the distance, we also risked losing the light and getting shut into the car park.

Rufus and Diane – both pulling very odd faces … (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

But we had lots to look at anyway, and we decided we’d see how far we’d get before we wanted to turn around and come back.

Throughout the country park there are interesting little pockets, like the community woodland planted in 1999, like various wood carvings, and like the boardwalk over the pond.

We walked over the boardwalk, but it was very windy and we almost got blown into the water. Rufus wasn’t very happy on there either … so we made him come back that way too, minus his lead. (Rotten humans!)

Rufus didn’t like the boardwalk much … (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

It kept him calm and close for a short while at least …

We’d reached a cow field and were a bit close to the main road, so we checked our location on the MapMyWalk terrain map and saw that we’d actually gone in the opposite direction to the battlefield.

So we turned and retraced our steps, coming out at the pond and boathouse.

Boathouse (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

On the way back we paused at a woodland where some “interesting birds” can be seen …

… and as we worked our way down the list the poet pointed out that we get ALL of them on our bird table on a regular basis.

We walked around the pond so the poet could take some pictures.

Snowdrops (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We met a poor little pug in a pushchair because his back legs had gone. His owners were taking him to feed bread to the ducks on the pond.

We decided to head back to the car park from there as the light was starting to wane, and we made full use of the facilities while we were there – surprised they were even open at this time of year.

Now we know where it is and where to park, we’re going to head back there again. But we’re going to aim at arriving sooner so that we can do the walk to the battlefield.

Terrific tree (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

It was about 4:30pm by the time we were settled back in the car again. The dog didn’t really want to get back in the car.

He looked as though he was saying: “Okay, comfort break over. Let’s carry on with this walk.”

Eventually he settled back down on the back seat, but he was sulking that it wasn’t a very big walk and he’d been stuck in the car a long time.

Once again, I couldn’t get the MapMyWalk app to display properly on my phone, and at the end of the walk, it hadn’t even registered either. It may be my phone. It’s not been right since I dropped it down the toilet while we were camping last year.

The poet, however, still has it on his phone, and we walked 2.1 miles and burned 298 calories.

map my walk market bosworth