My fat year: 2lb gone!

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In Eskdale. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

So we’re one week in from the diet “re-boot”, and I’m delighted to announce that I’ve lost 2lb. This is despite having loads of lovely home-baking around the house.

We’ve had several different kinds of loaf, all cooked from scratch and in the oven, rather than in the bread machine. The latest batch doesn’t have any sugar at all.

The average loaf of bread from the supermarket apparently contains around 6 teaspoons of sugar. Most of those baked by the poet only contain 1 teaspoon of sugar, some contain even less.

I struggle to match home-made bread in the various food diaries that are online, so I don’t bother counting calories as most of the rest our food is cooked ourselves anyway.

Instead, we try to stick to “no snacking” or “no food after 9pm” or “low/no sugar” . And now that we’re pretty much back to normal and settled into the new house, we should be able to manage a weekly walk again.

One of my old standards is the “fairy cake”, called the “bun” here in South Yorkshire. I use a basic recipe, but add various different flavourings or ingredients – 50g cherries, or dried fruit, or chocolate chips; vanilla essence and glacé icing; chocolate powder instead of some of the flour; etc.

I’ve always reduced the sugar content from 125g to 100g, as they’re far too sweet with fruit in as well. But now that has been reduced further, to 75g – and they’re still sweet enough.

We’ve started buying products that contain less sugar, both naturally and added. And we’re cooking more things from the low fat, calorie-counted and Weight Watchers recipe books. It’s our mission to prove that we can eat well and still lose weight.

The poet has definitely plateaued, but he’s only 2lb shy of losing 2 stone (28lb). Many of his t-shirts are hanging off him, and all of his shorts are too big and baggy. So he’ll be getting a nice shopping expedition soon. I’m not sure if he’s waiting for me to be able to join him or if he just wants to make sure he’s stable. Or maybe it’s a bit of both.

Either way, we’re not doing too bad.

How is your diet going, if you’re on one?

4 thoughts on “My fat year: 2lb gone!

  1. carolwarham 18 July 2016 / 1:19 pm

    Fantastic news, quite an achievement for both of you!


    • Diane 18 July 2016 / 1:33 pm

      If it goes down that much every week I shall be very happy.


  2. Rebecca Emin 18 July 2016 / 5:06 pm

    Well done both of you, that is fantastic. Great idea to cut down the sugar as well.

    I’m doing Slimming World myself and it’s going well. You can eat loads and still lose weight – that’s the only way it would ever work for me!


    • Diane 20 July 2016 / 10:03 am

      Well done to you too. 🙂


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