My fat year: First week back in the saddle

This cat didn’t take her eyes off the dog on Saturday. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

So we had the first week back on the diet saddle and it hasn’t gone brilliantly. It’s okay, I’ve lost weight, but only a quarter of a pound since last Monday’s weigh-in. This is a disappointment as mid-week I’d lost a whole pound, which was 2lb altogether. But it is bouncing up and down still.

There was one day when the scales fluctuated upwards by 1.5lb, so the poet checked too and he’d also put on 1.5lb. The next day his was back down again. He thinks perhaps the scales aren’t very reliable.

Last week I donned my black walking trousers for the first time in ages. This weekend, they went on again and they fit a lot better than they did last week. In fact, the belt wasn’t superfluous this time.

I know we’re not supposed to weigh ourselves every day, but as I’m considering a blood test, I am checking every day or at least every other day for the time being. The poet has decided to check just once a week.

He had put weight on too, and by the end of the week he’d lost 5lb and was back down to almost his plateau.

This weekend’s walk was a mile shorter than last weekend’s, but it was slightly more challenging. I also managed a couple of hills, and I hate hills.

No walk next weekend as we’re off to the Christmas market in Leeds. (Yes, I can say the C word now as Bonfire Night has gone.) Then we’re in Birmingham and Doncaster too.