My fat year: Week 1 with Slimming World

Picture: Ian Wordsworth

After just one week with Slimming World, I’ve lost an amazing 2¾lb. But the SW site won’t let me input quarter-pounds, so I’ve plumped for a 3lb-loss. This could go one of two ways …

Next week I might not lose anything at all (or – horror! – gain!), and might wish I’d saved that extra ¼lb for then, OR I might lose more than that and STILL wish I’d saved it so the loss looks greater. Either way, it’s a loss, so I’m not complaining otherwise.

The poet has lost 2lb too, and he had not one but TWO Magnum ice lollies at the weekend. Mind you, he did lose quite a lot in the first place (just under 2 stone or 28lb), and he managed to keep all but 1lb off between February and last weekend. And everyone comments about how slim he’s looking.

The meals have been great. It’s mostly me who’s been doing the plan, although he’s been enjoying the meals too, and I even cooked some of it last week as the poet seemed to have torn his shoulder muscle chopping wood for the fire and had his arm in a sling for 2 – 3 evenings.

I think our favourite SW recipe from last week was the bacon & mushroom crustless quiche*. It’s supposed to be a lunch recipe, and syn™-free if you count the cheese in it as one of your “healthy extras”. But we had it with a jacket potato and a salad, and yes, we counted the cheese as our HE. So it was a gorgeous, filling, tasty tea and we didn’t have to count any of it.

What else did I do? Well, I stuck to 3 meals a day and 2 desserts, with just 1 snack of a piece of fruit if I really, really needed it. I counted 250ml semi-skimmed milk as my daily HE dairy allowance (apart from the day we had the quiche, then I counted the cheese as the allowance and had syn-free yogurt on my breakfast cereal); and I counted either 2 servings of bread (or 1 bread roll) or a portion of breakfast cereal as my daily HE fibre allowance.

If I used most of the milk on my cereal, then I’d have black coffee throughout the day and save a cup of tea, with milk, until bedtime. If I counted breakfast cereal as my HE, then I either went without bread or had just 1 slice.

Therefore, the 2 biggest individual contributions this past week have been:

  • limiting bread to just 1 serving per day
  • not eating between meals

And I’ve been allowing myself up to 15 syns per day, and trying to stick to 5 – 10 per day.

Of course, it could all just be fluid that’s gone in this first week, and I certainly don’t expect to lose 3lb (or 2¾lb) every week. But I’m very, VERY happy so far. AND … I’m sticking to it and resisting temptations (aka Magnum ice lollies …).

So far …

* Sorry, you need to be a member of Slimming World to log in and see this recipe …