My fat year: plateau

bronze-awardOkay, it’s not great news as I plateau at the moment, hovering within less than a pound or two of my next personal goal.

But it’s not *all* bad news.

Excuse alert … Last week was very, very, very bad. We had a three-year-old’s birthday and a, er, (*cough*)-year-old’s birthday. And this meant cake.

Three birthday cakes in fact. And party food. And more cake. And biscuits. And yesterday there were pork pies and scotch eggs. And more cake …

BUT … I still only put on a pound.

I’m still hovering around the next-stone-zone-down target, and at least I haven’t put on a lot of weight – although having just watched Super Slimmers: Did They Really Keep The Weight Off?, I am wondering if it’s worth it …

However, I *have* just completed my Slimming World bronze activity award and I’ve started the silver activity award. So, as I say, it’s not *all* bad news …

We’re back on the wagon again this week, so hopefully there will be something more postive to report next week.

How is your weight loss going?

2 thoughts on “My fat year: plateau

  1. Carol Warham 28 February 2017 / 2:56 pm

    Keep going, you’re doing well, especially considering all the birthday grub!


    • Diane 28 February 2017 / 3:01 pm

      Thank you. It’s been a busy couple of weeks … *again* (sigh).


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