My fat year: no more SW

After a very up-and-down year so far, I’ve decided to leave Slimming World.

I managed to lose half-a-stone (7lb), but then kept putting 2lb on then losing 3lb, putting 1lb on and losing 0lb.

And then I had to go onto a “white/bland” diet, which pushed the syns through the roof.

We cook a lot of meals from scratch and they (SW) make it very difficult to calculate the syn value, plus they seem to advocate a lot of processed food or ready-made food that we, personally, prefer to make ourselves (such as jams, jellies, breads, etc).

So it stopped working for me and, to be frank, I couldn’t justify the cost any more. I’ve also cancelled the magazine subscription, but apparently I have that for three more issues anyway.

Before I terminated the account, I did hit my gold activity award with SW, so it wasn’t all a waste of time. And I’ve pretty much managed to keep that half-a-stone off (and on, then off, then on again …).

I know a lot of people have lost a lot of weight with SW, my mother-in-law included, who lost 6 stone (84lb), and some friends of ours who each lost at least 4 stone (56lb).

So I’ve decided to just stick to healthy, unprocessed eating as much as possible, and I’m cutting down on the aspartame, instead preferring to try and curb or lose my sweet tooth a little.

2 thoughts on “My fat year: no more SW

  1. Carol Warham 31 May 2017 / 6:27 am

    Healthy eating should do it – after all we all know what we SHOULD be doing! 😀
    My husband cut out aspartame a year or so back, when we found out how bad it is for your joints, especially arthritic ones. Cutting it out made a terrific difference to the amount of pain or discomfort he was in – best thing he ever did.


    • Diane 31 May 2017 / 2:39 pm

      I didn’t realise it caused joint issues. It’s the palpitations that worried me, although they can’t find anything every time they check my heart. I reduced the aspartame about 3 weeks ago – keeping just sweeteners for tea and coffee – and (touch wood) I’ve not had a single palpitation since. Of course, it could be psychological, but who cares if it works? I hope J’s joints continue to improve. I know he has problems there.


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