Walk: Pugneys and Sandal Castle

Pugneys always used to be a favourite dog walk for me, but then every time we went there were just too many other dogs, and too many people. It gets very busy.

Pugneys (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

However, there’s a castle at Pugneys too, and the poet wanted to take some pictures and we decided to combine it with a walk around the lake. Had we known how much more busier it is these days, we would have just done the castle. But even the castle was a bit of a disappointment this time.

On the walk up to the castle. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Anyway, we started our walk, as ever, in the main Pugneys car park – this used to be free, but now there’s a charge.

I noticed there’s a charge to use the dog shower now as well. I don’t remember that being the case before.

The poet did take a picture of someone in a speed boat, and he took a picture of the train. But as we didn’t get permission from either the man in the boat nor any of the children on the train’s parents, I don’t feel inclined to share any of those here.

So they’re all scenic shots this time.

Saying that, I’ve just seen on the official website for the park that watersports, apart from pedalos, have been suspended due to a lack of support personnel … since 12 June. But the man in the boat seemed to have been doing something to the buoys, so perhaps he was staff.

The last time we went to Pugneys, we took a look at the path up to Sandal Castle and decided against it. My fitness level at the time was so rubbish I couldn’t even face the short walk as it was up hill.

Sandal Castle. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

This time, it was very hot and I was in trainers, not even walking boots. And this time the dog had more trouble than me, stopping once to sit in the shade and cool down a little.

Sandal Castle. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

When we got there we were quite disappointed. Not only was the visitor centre closed, but so was the bridge and the staircase up to the main keep.

Some adventurers had climbed up from the moat, but that really was too strenuous for me. Apparently there is a structural problem, health & safety strikes again.

Pugneys, from Sandal Castle. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We were so disappointed with so many things that we decided we really don’t need to come again, which is a shame because it’s not far away in the car.

We did, however, walk exactly 3 miles, which was apparently 8,500 steps, and I burned 381 calories.


4 thoughts on “Walk: Pugneys and Sandal Castle

  1. Carol Warham 12 July 2017 / 1:55 pm

    It is a shame. We used to go to Pugneys often, but the car parking charge is off-putting. I haven’t been to Sandal Castle for a long time and was meaning to go, but a friend told me you can hardly get to it now


    • Diane 12 July 2017 / 2:09 pm

      It is a shame, but they’re clearly getting enough visitors even with the charges, so they don’t need us! 🙂

      You can walk around the castle, and up and down the moat. And if you’re feeling particularly energetic, you *can* get up to the keep. But the stairs and bridge being all boarded up is very off-putting.


  2. Martin 21 July 2017 / 11:30 am

    From your pictures, I’d say there are many worse places to stretch your legs. Perhaps, on a cooler day, you’ll scale that moat?


    • Diane 21 July 2017 / 12:15 pm

      It is nice there, but also busy. That “motte” the castle is on is actually much steeper than it looks. Imagine having to scale it in full armour?! Hopefully they’ll do the structural repairs and reopen it again soon.


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