About me

diane againMy name’s Diane Wordsworth. I’m a Brummie who moved to Yorkshire in 2004 and fell in love with more than just the county.

I started to write articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers in 1985, first as Diane Wood and then as Diane Parkin, before training as a broadcast journalist with BBC Radio. Since then I’ve become a full time freelance writer who also edits and proofreads in-house magazines, trade magazines, non-fiction books, novels and classroom resources.

In November 2010 my first novel, NIGHT CRAWLER, was published; in February 2012 my short story collection, TWEE TALES, was published; and in January 2013, TALES FROM BAGGINS BOTTOM, BEST BITS BOOK ONE was finalised. I have also written licensed activity annuals for all ages.

I have recently finished collating TWEE TALES TWO and TALES FROM BAGGINS BOTTOM, BEST BITS BOOK TWO, and I’m also working on THE BEAST WITHIN, the first sequel to NIGHT CRAWLER, and CATCH THE RAINBOW, which is a prequel.

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