Walk: Pugneys and Sandal Castle

Pugneys always used to be a favourite dog walk for me, but then every time we went there were just too many other dogs, and too many people. It gets very busy. However, there's a castle at Pugneys too, and the poet wanted to take some pictures and we decided to combine it with a …

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Walk: Castleton Landslip

There are several reasons why I'd not attempted the very short Castleton Landslip walk before now. Mostly words like "reaches", "up the valley", "gain height", "climbs" and "significant ascent" (!)  in the walk description were a big turn-off for me. I really, really don't like big hills. But the walk has been on my list of …

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Walk: (2) Bempton Cliffs & Langold Lake

Because I've been so lax with the blog posts just lately, you're getting a bit of a double whammy this time. Nothing huge, though. We weren't at either place for very long and it wasn't really photographing weather. Back on 8 April, we ventured back to Bempton Cliffs because we'd heard the puffins had arrived. …

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