Happy New Year!

We didn't do too badly. The only things I didn't manage on the list were: make a yule log; ice the Christmas cake; Santa run to Leicester; trip to that thar London. Everything else we did. I'm very happy with that. I've been having a think of what I'd like from 2014 but, once again, …

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Ooh, tis snowing … (list alert!)

And I don't mean outside, I mean on the blog. I was looking for that function only last week and couldn't find it, but it looks as though they've retained the setting from last year. This is nice as I'm actually starting to feel a bit like Christmas already this year. In recent years it's …

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How went April?

So how did I do in April? 1 week's holiday  write 1,000 words every day update price list  author and proof-reader edits on historical fiction #1  weekly walks' reports for 6 local newspapers daily dog walk edit 145,000-word auto-biography update gig list weekly weekly banking proof-read non-fiction #1 - c/f proof-read new client novel - c/f …

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