My fat year: 2lb on, 2lb off …

At Whitby (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

So the 2lb I put back on last week has come off again. What have I been doing? Cutting down on bread. Bread really does seem to be the culprit here.

This means it was a much better week, and there is still just over a week left of my initial three-month membership of Slimming World. Over the next few days I’ll be deciding whether to renew for just a month at a time, or renew for another three months.

I do believe that had Christmas not come right in the middle, then I might have lost considerably more than the 7½lb, and maybe even dropped down into the next stone-zone. Therefore, I personally believe it’s worth sticking with, and probably for another three months if they have any offers.

This past week, then, we’ve been eating more meat-based meals. Last night the poet made us a Slimming World carbonara – and it was gorgeous. And we have a Slimming World syn-free fry-up (or 2 syns if we have low-fat sausages) at least once at the weekend, sometimes twice.

The only puddings we’ve made have been adapted from a Weight Watchers book (lime meringue pie) and another old favourite low-fat cookbook I’ve had for years (cherry crumble).

Sweet treats have included marshmallows (1 syn each) and/or individual squares of Green & Black’s salted caramel “Thin” (3½ syns per square). Believe me, three big fat marshmallows look much more satisfying than one square of chocolate. But they’re big squares and the chocolate is so rich I really do only need one square.

My bronze activity challenge is going well too. Aside from the chickens, we managed a half-decent walk on Saturday (report to follow this Friday) and Sunday was spent doing manual farm labour.

The 2lb is staying off so far this week. I hope it drops a little more by next Monday.

My fat year: a rubbish fortnight

Picture: Ian Wordsworth

Well, I say a rubbish fortnight, but actually, the first week was quite good with me dropping down to almost the lightest I’ve been since I started with Slimming World. But with only twenty-two days before my initial three-month membership to go, I’m very disappointed that this morning I’ve gained 2lb again.

I know what it is: bread.

My husband makes lovely bread. He graduated from the bread-machine to doing it all himself and now he’ll knock-up two loaves twice a week. Slimming World have told me to either allow 3syns™ per slice, or build it into my “healthy extras”.

I’ve been very good at eating salads for my dinners, though, and our teas are pretty much syn-free anyway (meat, potatoes, veg), with low-syn or syn-free puddings.

But for just over a week I’ve been freezing cold, and battling the dregs of that bad cold that’s copping everyone, and so I’ve been eating more bread – cheese on toast, beans on toast, egg on toast, bacon sandwiches, etc.

Oh yes, and pizza. He made us a pizza each on Saturday too, and it was delicious. But I can’t manage a whole pizza in one sitting. In fact, I can rarely manage much of one kind of any thing on my plate in one sitting. So last night I had a left-over pizza slice to eat after our lovely roast lamb dinner.

And this morning the scales made sure to scold me.

A friend of mine … well, it’s the daughter of a friend of the poet’s actually, but she’s lovely so I’ll call her a friend anyway – a friend of ours has lost two stone with Slimming World (28lb) and this morning I saw a recent photograph of her on Facebook. And she looks great.

So today she has given me the motivation to make the most of these last twenty-two days of my initial three-month membership. I’m also going for my “bronze activity challenge”, although much of that is easier now that (a) we have chickens, and (b) the longer, warmer, drier days are on their way, for weekend walking again.

With this seagull keeping an eye on me, how can I fail?