Do diddle weekend

Duck enjoying the rain at Baddesley Clinton. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We didn’t do a lot at the weekend in the end. The weather forecast was a bit mixed so we couldn’t really plan anything ahead.

On Saturday, we did nip out to collect a regular prescription, get some fish bait in case he decided to go fishing, and buy our first holiday clothes and a beach towel each. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon prepping while I spent it reading.

On Sunday he decided not to go fishing in the end, so the bait is saved for later in the week. We went to the farmers’ market at Wentworth, but it had already blown away in the gales by the time we got there. So we went, instead, around the garden centre and bought a few exciting things … watering can, weed killer, path clear … And on the way home we visited his parents.

So, pretty much a do-diddle weekend. We got up, thought about what we wanted to do (or not) and then did it.

This week I have one big editing job to get on with and another smaller one to start if the big one is finished. I’ve already fielded some invitations to pitch for work, and accepted just one, but with more than 2 weeks holiday looming, I’m now telling folk I’m available for work from w/c 18 May.

I’ll also be doing more work on CATCH THE RAINBOW and I’ll be studying my next module on the fiction writing course.

Too hot

I’m sorry, and I know I’m a winter person and all that, and that lots of British people moan about the weather. But I’m afraid I’m one who moans about the weather only when it’s too hot. And right now, it’s too raving hot.

All of my weekend plans were foiled due to the weather. I know I didn’t have many plans, but the biggest one is that with the super pollen count at the moment, poor air quality and very hot temperatures, I felt rubbish Saturday morning when I woke up and spent most of the day in (or on the) bed. I stayed in Saturday night. On Sunday I didn’t go to see my parents, and instead crashed on the settee listening to the cricket. (Which was very exciting, by the way – we won – by the skin of our teeth.)

It’s just too hot.

Today it’s still too hot. I have the parasol set up in the garden to keep the cool beneath it and I’ll be hanging washing out. The rest of the time I’m upstairs, where the heat gathers, at my desk, sitting at a laptop that gives off heat.

I don’t want to hear a single person complain that we’ve not had any summer this year. I know far too many people who are keeling over with heat- and sun-stroke, some leading to nasty asthma attacks, and it’s not nice.

Anyway, enough moaning from me.

Today I’m dropping a book onto a client’s server. I started to do it last week, but the internet fell over and was then quite unstable, and I forgot I hadn’t done it. So that’s my priority today, workwise.

I have a new book to start editing, electronic and hard copies. I hope to start that tomorrow.

I want to get a pitch off to one of my red-top magazines, one that I work for, and I’ve threatened to go public on something else if I don’t receive a call back within the hour today.

They were calling me back on Wednesday, and asked me to keep my mobile phone on, even though I’d told them I was going into a meeting. Friday morning they were going to call back “within the hour”. Friday afternoon they were going to “escalate” it to management, and call me back “within the hour”. And today they’re “escalating” it again and, er, calling me back “within the hour” …

I’ve told them this time that if they don’t call back “within the hour” I’m going to contact my MP immediately and then write my pitch for the red-tops.

I’m already planning my pitch …

I have my MP on speed dial …

And I have a novel to write.

Enjoy the sunshine, dudes. I’m doing a rain dance.

wishing I was here