Back on track

One of those article¬†pitches I wanted to send? I sent it yesterday. She just commissioned it. I’m very happy about that – I need to scratch that freelance itch. ūüôā

I’m hoping I’m back on track now. I spent some considerable time planning the diary for the next couple of weeks and a lot of time pitching for work. Two editing¬†jobs have already come in from there, one for this week and one for a week in August, and one of those will lead to at least one other job. I also have another book to edit this week and I have loose ends to tie up on a previous novel.

On Monday I was very smug because I completed my expenditure for 2012 Р2013 and I submitted my tax return. I also pitched for 2 editing jobs, and I got my walks report written and off to 6 local newspapers. On Tuesday I pitched for another 3 editing jobs and spent much of the day finalising terms on those already mentioned.

I’ve filled in all the necessary bureaucratic forms I need to at the moment, which will free up time. I still have one phone call to make and one batch of information to send off, and then that’s me done with other people’s guff for the timebeing.

And then I can concentrate on my own work and the work I already have in.

I’m a day short this week due to a Do Diddle Day on Friday. For those new to Baggins Bottom, this is a day off every month where the diary stays empty. Nothing is planned, nothing is booked. I just get up in the morning – if I feel like it – and do whatever the hell I please. This could be absolutely nothing or it could be catching up on DVDs. It could be reading, or writing, or thinking. It can be a trip to the seaside or to the country. Or it could be work if I want. It can be an unscheduled trip to see the parents or it can be a day shopping. The thing is, you don’t plan …

… only this time there is a bit of a plan, and this was mostly due to timing than anything else. This Friday evening I’m off to Birmingham to support one of my favourite Yorkshire bands and to see some of my Brummie friends. I’ll also pop in to see Mom and Dad, make sure they’re all right. And it’s a belated birthday treat for one of said Brummie friends. I’m coming back afterwards, but because it’s a Do Diddle Day, I’ll probably have a long lie-in to compensate for the late night.

Rufus is also off for¬†a big adventure. The poet’s coming to collect him and they’re going to have some quality time together. ūüėÄ If the dog settles, he’s staying out all night; if he doesn’t, he’s coming back home. I’m not sure which of them is more excited!

27 julyOn Saturday¬†we’re off to the Coalfields festival in Barnsley. There are a couple of bands on I’d like to see, but this festival happens every year and it’s the first time I’ll have made it. We won’t be there all day, but it’ll be nice to show our faces.

Then on Sunday … nothing. I have absolutely nothing planned for Sunday. Perhaps a run to the seaside or the country, perhaps the rest of my Do Diddle Day. But Sunday, this week, is an actual real day of rest. For now.

See you on the other side of the weekend.