Pudding week

Once again it’s been another fun-packed very busy weekend.

Thursday I was busy all day editing a book for a client. It took me longer than I thought it would because English isn’t her first language, so there was a lot of tidying up to do there. I was determined to finish it, though, as I had Friday off, and finally delivered the finished job at 12:30am Friday morning.

Friday was my do diddle day, but I only had a half a one this time as I had to head off to Birmingham in the middle of the afternoon. I popped in to have a few hours with my parents, then I went to collect my friend and we headed off to see GlamRockz, one of my favourite bands, play the Roadhouse in Birmingham for the first time. It started off slow, but the room soon filled up and they had people dancing from the second song in. That’s almost unheard off up here in Yorkshire, it’s like an unwritten rule that we don’t dance until the second set. But in Brum they had no such rule.

I found out at the end of the night that my friend wasn’t really looking forward to it because she’s never really been into glam music, which was a bit of a shock – not that she wasn’t into it but that she didn’t think to mention it. But she loved it too and by the end of the night was jigging on the spot with the rest of us – and she got a tartan scarf.

A few of our friends didn’t turn up, and they didn’t even bother to let us know they weren’t turning up. But we didn’t care. It was their loss and we just won’t ask them again. We had a great night.

I headed back home at the end of the night and arrived at about 2:30am Saturday morning. It was really weird coming home to an empty house. Rufus was having a big adventure at another friend’s house and both cats were out. Both cats came in, but within about 4 hours they were asking to go out again.

I had a nice lie-in and at 11:30am my dog was returned to me. We had a cuppa and a chat, and then we headed off for the 2013 Coalfields festival, for which I had a couple of press passes. The weather was fine but cool enough to sit out in and we had a good 3½ hours there, listening to a few new bands, eating hot dogs and ice creams and drinking pop.

We didn’t really know any of the bands we saw as the ones we did know were all on later and the poet had to get back for his own work that night. But we were impressed by a band from Manchester called Rise and a few others that might be local – Demographic, Path Unknown and Red Rum – and we’ll be watching out for those again. (All links on Facebook.) We also liked the idea of the band Pulp Friction covering the songs from the film Pulp Fiction and we even did our own John Travolta and Uma Thurman impressions on the dancefloor. 🙂

The event was well-planned, nicely laid out and very laid back with a wonderful festival atmosphere. Our only criticism, and it’s a very small one, is that the main stage seemed to overpower all of the other mini-tents. It would have been better had the main stage been facing one way, and the smaller tents placed behind it, because the noise really did taint the rest of the music. But apart from that, we had another wonderful time.

On Sunday I had the rest of my do diddle day and when I finally surfaced, I actually did some work. I did quite a lot of diary work for the next 2½ weeks, as I have work in for next week and the week after already. And this week is the most stupidly busy week I’ve had for a long time. I’m calling it pudding week because it’ll set me up nicely for August. I’m already almost up to budgeted income and I still have 2½ weeks left to fill.

Today I have 3 articles that need to be submitted; 2 of these are for the red-top magazine I already work for, the other is the walks report for the 6 local newspapers. I also have a non-fiction book to start editing and a novel to finalise and sign off. The 2 red-tops are drafted, I just need to get them typed and submitted.

Busy day already.

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