Minor temporary disaster

So, the brand spanking sparkly new 3-in-1 printer I bought from part of my recent winnings stopped working yesterday.

The good news was it waited until it had printed the 78,000-word job I wanted to start hard copy editing next.

The bad news was the gig list needed doing and a lot of the gigs were in a Word document, for printing, for ease of copy typing. (Blogger doesn’t like copy & paste and, anyway, the entries needed inserting into an already alphabetical list.)

The good news was I managed to fix it by hijacking some similar drivers online when I couldn’t find the exact make and model.

The bad news was I lost more than an hour of work time.

The good news was, the gig list got done and was posted at about 5:30pm.

I finished work at 6:30pm, went to do the weekly shopping and to check on the other house, came back for a very quick tea (at gone 9pm! – that’s far too late for me), and settled back down at the computer to try and email the recently completed 80,000-word book to the author and the client …

Only it was too big for my new Windows (8, for those interested) to send. And Yahoo forced me to open a Dropbox account. I finished work again at 10pm.

I hate having to store anything anywhere that isn’t within my complete control. I’ll continue to use the Dropbox account for when Yahoo refuses to send anything for me, but I won’t be putting anything personal on there. The new Windows setup also wants me to open a Cloud account, but I won’t be doing that either.

Call me a bluff old cynic, but you do hear these horror stories of various individuals and organisations who access online guff like this.

But anyway, it’s fixed again now – no idea what happened, but there you go. The author acknowledged safe receipt this morning, something I asked him to do with Yahoo forcing me to open the Dropbox account.

Today, then, I have to continue with the new 78,000-word project, which was originally due in at the end of the day but with the house move is now due on Tuesday, and I’ll be doing more of that tomorrow. I find that clients are perfectly reasonable when you give them plenty of notice. Had I told them at 5pm today that I might not make it, they would have had every right to be cross. I sent the warning off on Monday and received acknowledgement – and thanks – on Tuesday.

I have an invoice to raise today too. (Hurrah!)

I also have admin to do regarding the sale of the house as the buyer’s solicitor has requested various safety certificates.

One of these safety certificates was another reason for the trip to the other house last night. I couldn’t find the latest gas safety certificate but remembered our tenant saying she’d put her copy in the kitchen cupboard. And sure enough it was still there. So I have a letter to write to the solicitor today. I’m also going to use the new (and now working) 3-in-1 printer to scan in copies of all of the certificates in case any get lost again.

This afternoon I have a dentist appointment (boo!) and a hair appointment (hurrah!). I have a poorly poet at home too (boo!). He went into work Wednesday morning and was home again within the hour. He’s spent much of the time ever since in bed and I had to pick up an electric blanket from Tesco last night because he was frozen to the core and just couldn’t get warm. He’s caught my cold, but – of course – it’s been far worse than mine was … 😉 but he’s getting better now. (Hurrah!)

Tomorrow, then, I’m working, and Sunday – all being well – there’s a trip to Birmingham that’s overdue. If he’s feeling better, we also need to go to the DIY shop to get TV cables and a new letterbox. There isn’t a proper letterbox on the new house and with the torrential rain we’ve been having over the past few days, it’s pouring in.

What are you up to this weekend?

pheasant (2)
This chap came to see what we were feeding the birds.