Long weekend ahead

Bullrushes, Fleet’s Dam (Picture: Diane Wordsworth)

Today is a busy day as we both break up for a long weekend. That means we won’t be around to do anything vaguely work-related – or gig list-related. We’re taking some time off.

It also means my monthly word-count target of 22,000 words will come down to 20,000 words, and I’m already over halfway there. I plan on writing around 1,000 words per working day, and as this long weekend starts tomorrow and runs right through to the end of Monday, that’s 2 days down.

In November, I won’t be having any time off. I’ll be working very hard on both my usual writing work, and a brand new project for NaNoWriMo. My usual target for November would be 21,000 words, but with NaNo, I have to add another 50,000 to that.

So that’s 71,000 words. 😮 GULP! That’s a whole novel! Well, nearly.

In December we have another long weekend booked, right at the start of the month. I think I may be ready for that. We’re having one day at Lincoln Christmas market and another day Christmas shopping. So I hope everyone who owes me money by then has paid. Of course, we also have a whole fortnight off in December too, the Christmas break, which I always love. I think I may be ready for that one too.

So, this weekend, what’re we up to? Well, tomorrow, the poet may be going fishing. I was going to go with him, but looking at the weather, and with a bit of a cold tugging at my sleeve, I may stay home instead. I have a lot of reading to catch up on and plenty of writing work to keep me busy. I just won’t be at my desk. Thanks to that wonderful new Scrivener gadget of mine, I can work on NaNo prep on the notebook/switch downstairs now if I want to. Or I could take it fishing. Did I mention that it also tracks your progress in any one session and counts words written?

We may manage a nice day out somewhere, or a walk. Or we may finish off those cooking apples. On Saturday the poet has a gig to play in Doncaster and on Sunday we’re off to see my dad for his birthday. If the poet doesn’t go fishing tomorrow, he may go on Monday. Or he may just do diddley-squat. Just like me.

What would you do? Whatever, have a goodun. 🙂

Do diddle weekend

Duck enjoying the rain at Baddesley Clinton. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We didn’t do a lot at the weekend in the end. The weather forecast was a bit mixed so we couldn’t really plan anything ahead.

On Saturday, we did nip out to collect a regular prescription, get some fish bait in case he decided to go fishing, and buy our first holiday clothes and a beach towel each. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon prepping while I spent it reading.

On Sunday he decided not to go fishing in the end, so the bait is saved for later in the week. We went to the farmers’ market at Wentworth, but it had already blown away in the gales by the time we got there. So we went, instead, around the garden centre and bought a few exciting things … watering can, weed killer, path clear … And on the way home we visited his parents.

So, pretty much a do-diddle weekend. We got up, thought about what we wanted to do (or not) and then did it.

This week I have one big editing job to get on with and another smaller one to start if the big one is finished. I’ve already fielded some invitations to pitch for work, and accepted just one, but with more than 2 weeks holiday looming, I’m now telling folk I’m available for work from w/c 18 May.

I’ll also be doing more work on CATCH THE RAINBOW and I’ll be studying my next module on the fiction writing course.

That Friday feeling

We’ve only been back at work for a week, but already that Friday feeling was quick to swoop in this morning. It’s been a fair week, though.

I’ve done quite a lot of new writing, which includes an outline for a new non-fiction book as well as 5 new articles started and one finished and submitted.

I’ve also been plodding through an editing job, and a new one came in yesterday too from who will now be known as the Spanish client. They gave me a lot of repeat work last year and I’m delighted they came back to me again this year.

And I caught up with the job board I use and pitched for 7 jobs, one of them invited.

Almost immediately the poet had to go off to Germany, via Switzerland, for a couple of days, so that ate into the week a bit. And I’ve been having routine appointments – I have another today. He was gone from Tuesday to Thursday, so taxi duties from Yours Truly were involved as well.

So he’s come up with a list of things to do at the weekend, and they mostly consist of … nothing. We had a bit of a busy Christmas, then we were back at work, and then he was off travelling. We don’t seem to have stood still, nor do we feel as though we had any holiday, even though we were both off for 2 weeks.

It’ll be a bit of a Do Diddle Weekend – does anyone remember Do Diddle Days? Not had one of those for a while. So we’ll play it by ear, see what we feel like when we get up, if we want to get up. We might do some pottering, we might hang curtains, we might do baking, we might go walking, we might go to the pictures. Or we might not.

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing with yours.

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