Lurgy 2; Wordsworths 0

Spectacled owl (picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Not only did the poet have to cancel a gig a week ago last Saturday due to the dreaded lurgy, but we also had to cancel our trip to Birmingham yesterday.

He had a gig on Friday night and thinks it was a mistake, as he went into relapse. Meanwhile, my own cold grew much worse and by Sunday morning we were both far too snotty and feeling too lousy to make the 200-mile-plus round trip.

And anyway, we didn’t want to infect my parents, especially this close to Christmas.

The inadvertent “day off”, however, did give us chance to wrap up Christmas and write Christmas cards. All of the presents are now under the tree, and all of my cards at least are ready to go. I’ll nip down to the Co-op later, which is also our post office, and get those posted.

This is the first time in a very long while that I’ve been this ready for Christmas. Last year I missed the overseas last posting date and had to send all the domestic ones via first class. This year, last day for overseas is tomorrow, and last day for second class domestic is Saturday.


My husband is a very good cook, and yesterday the lurgy didn’t stop him. He loves to have a mess and a dabble, though, and on a Monday morning, after a Sunday cooking session, tidying the kitchen is the biggest domestic chore I have to do. For example, despite having no less than 4 (FOUR!) chopping boards, he still manages to cut bread and carve meat on the worktop.

At the moment he’s growing a ginger beer plant, and yesterday was the day for bottling the first 4 litres. But before the bottling stage was ready, he managed to get sugared water everywhere. EVERYWHERE. On the floor, over the hob, on the worktop, in the cutlery drawer … and because sugared water is quite clear, he didn’t do the best job ever of clearing up after himself.

Now we have sticky floor tiles next to highly polished floor tiles – I skated across the kitchen a few times this morning – and everything we touch that’s supposed to be clean is going straight in the washing-up bowl, sticky.

The first 4 litres of “ginger beer” resemble infected water samples at the moment. Can’t wait to try those!

He also cooked stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, Yorkshire puddings, and deep-fried battered mushrooms, so there was unused batter in the washing-up bowl too along with several roasting/cooking dishes.

So today the “messy corner” was more like a hard-hat disaster zone, and it took me ages to make a dent in it. As a result, today’s work day had a late start. Sunday dinner was gorgeous, though. 🙂


This week is a 5-day week but it’s a fairly busy one. It’s my last working week of the year and I have one more book I’d like to get back to the publisher – I managed to finish and submit last week’s book in between having a shower and drying my hair while the poet cooked tea and got ready for the gig.

We also have Roy Wood to go and see in Holmfirth on Thursday night, I have a hair appointment on Friday at 9:15am (nine-fifteen!), and on Friday night we’re off to the pictures (we hope – if there’s more than just Star Wars showing anywhere) and we have a table booked in possibly our favourite restaurant.

At some point I have to nip out and get the poet his Christmas presents. I’ll also be looking back at the past year, and thinking ahead to goals for 2016.


Today’s picture is one taken at the Matlock Victorian Christmas Market a week ago last Friday. We think it’s a spectacled owl, but no doubt if we’re wrong someone will be only to happy to help us with the identification.