invarary 01
Inverary (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We didn’t have very long in Oban, and we spent our last full day in Scotland in Inverary, where the Duke of Argyle lives. Legend has it that one of the dukes decided he didn’t like his castle where it originally was, he wanted it where the town was. So he made them move the town so he could rebuild his castle. It’s apparently not far from the current castle, and the spot is marked near to the car park.

inverary 02
The Highlander Memorial, Inverary (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

When the town was rebuilt, after it had been relocated, the builders were instructed to leave everything as plain as they could. So today it’s all black and white, with even big chains like the Co-op using a monochrome pallet for their signage. We loved the planning there, even if it is a bit presbytery.

The Highlander Memorial carries the names of those from Inverary who lost their lives in both world wars, with plaques covering the front for WW1 and 2 sides for WW2. We were amazed that such a small place could lose so many young men.

We paid to visit the old jail, which was still in use as the police station until the mid-20th century, and as we kept our receipt we were able to get a discount on entry up at the castle, where the duke and his family still live. Indeed, he was even in residence on the day that we visited.

inverary 03
Black and white everything (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Sorry about the sun spots on some of the pictures. I started to remove them but it was taking too long, so I’ll let the poet do that when he’s working on them in general.

After visiting both the castle and the jail we were ready to go back to Oban and pack. Two lots of bags were staying in the car from Scotland, and 2 pre-packed cases were coming with us to Cyprus for the next leg of our honeymoon.

inverary 04
Ian in the “exercise yard” at Inverary Jail (Picture: Diane Wordsworth)

We were up at 5am Sunday morning. The hotel had prepared us a breakfast the night before, so we ate what we could and took the rest with us for the ride. Then, at 5:30am, we headed to Glasgow.

We’d booked secure parking for the duration, but the directions they sent us were from Yorkshire, and we were coming from the Highlands. So while we were pretty much on time initially, as there is only one J28 on the motorway around Glasgow on one side of the road, we had to ring the car park and get them to direct us in. But the bus waited for us, and we arrived at the airport and through customs with minutes to spare. Fortunately they hadn’t started to shout our names over the tannoy yet.

And we were off on a 5-hour flight on the next part of our adventure. Pictures to follow from Cyprus too.

inverary 05
Diane in Inverary Jail (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We had another good weekend. We’d decided, when we got home from our holiday and threw some food away, that the next fruit and veg boxes we get we were definitely going to do something with. We’d had a delivery on Friday, and when the poet came home he used bunched onions and a courgette and made a gorgeous cheese omelette. I’ve never had courgette, I’ve never fancied it. But it was almost tasteless. We’ve thrown so many cougettes away that we were contemplating building our own boxes in future, but once I’d tried it, I decided it wouldn’t be so bad.

On Saturday morning he used turnips, more bunched onions, another cougette, baby carrots and mushrooms from the box and started off a turkey casserole in the slow cooker. He had a gig Saturday night and we were planning on being out for much of the day, so the slow cooker meant we wouldn’t have to worry about cooking tea.

inverary 06
The “old” jail block, Inverary Jail (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Then we were off to Dronfield near Sheffield to buy him a new fishing pole, and he waited while they elasticated it for him too.

Then we drove almost to the Hope Valley, had a quick lunch in Hathersage, and carried on to Manchester to look at trailer tents. He’s been looking at second-hand tents on Ebay but wasn’t really sure what he was looking for.

inverary 07
The Duke of Argyle’s car collection (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

So I dragged him to Manchester to show him the difference between a trailer tent and a folding camper, the difference between a 4+-berth and a 2-berth. The chap in the showroom even did a demonstration for us to show him how quickly a trailer tent can be erected. We can’t really afford a brand new one, and we’re not even sure we’ll like it very much. So we want to pick up a cheap but decent second-hand tent just to try it out and see how we get on.

inverary 08
Our last view of Oban (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We were back in time for him to have a play with his new pole and eat the tasty casserole for tea. Then we were off to Doncaster for his gig.

Yesterday was spent watching the last of the 3 Hobbit films and the first of the 3 Lord of the Rings films. The poet had resisted watching them until he could see them back-to-back, so I bought him the Hobbit boxed set last week. I baked blueberry muffins and banana loaf from the fruit box, and we also had another do-diddle day again. 🙂