It worked!

blog thumbnailYesterday was a do diddle day and, this time, it seems to have worked quite well.

For a start, I did diddley squat all day, or for much of the day, which is the whole point. I had a nice lie in, but not too late. I pootled around the house doing bits and bobs. I bobbed into town for an hour and walked the dog. Then I read (World Without End, Ken Follett) and watched a teensy bit of telly (Death in Paradise, BBC1).

By half ten I was in bed. I had a proper, good night’s sleep too, and only woke when the dark barked at 6:15am.

Then I got up at a reasonable time, did some yoga, had breakfast at breakfast time instead of 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and was at my desk by starting work time. I’ll have my first break at 11am, dinner at 1pm, afternoon break at 3pm, and dog walk at 5pm. Hopefully, in between, I’ll finish today’s scheduled work and have a column of lovely ticks down the side of my diary page.

Today I’m editing a novel. I’m also updating the gig list, and doing some writing work. I have my 1,000 words a day, plus drafts of a filler and a short story to write.

For the next 10 days I’m tracking my food intake and activity. When I set the CCTV up and recorded myself (to test it) I was astonished at how overweight I look. I don’t really do diets any more, as I think they’re an expensive waste of money and the only people to properly benefit are those who make money from the industry. Also, as soon as I start a diet, I start to feel starving hungry all the time.

Instead, I just cut my food intake down to 3 meals per day – breakfast, dinner, tea – with just an afternoon snack of maybe a banana and an evening snack of maybe an apple. I usually have cake, chocolate, biscuits or sweeties. But I’ve stopped eating chocolates and sweeties for Lent and I need to cut out those cakes and biccies.

For the tracking I’ve joined Spark People because it’s free. It also is supposed to have one of the largest databases for the purpose. But the gadget I particularly like is where you can plot a route that you walk, run or cycle on a map, save it, and share it if you wish. Anywhere in the world.

I’ve only lost 2lb in the 3 weeks since I registered, but I was poorly for some of that time and didn’t concentrate properly. However, jeans straight out of the wash on Saturday didn’t cut me in two and I’m sitting around the house in them before realising I haven’t had to change into something a bit more comfortable.

Later today, then, when I walk the dog, I’ll be doing one of my pre-saved routes. And this evening, if there’s nothing on the telly, I’ll choose a fitness DVD. I won’t be buying any more fitness DVDs, but I may as well use the ones I have.

So, to work …

Tight month

I don’t really have much to report, mostly because I’ve spent vast quantities of the past 7 days in bed. I’ve done hardly any work because I just haven’t had the energy. I didn’t go to the Leeds write-in on Saturday, I’ve not been to any gigs, and I didn’t go to visit my parents – mostly because we don’t want them catching whatever I’ve had.

And I’m hoping it’s the past tense now.

The over-the-counter drugs have been working hard for about 5 days, including night time tablets to help me sleep (not sleeping tablets). But yesterday, when I surfaced the first time, I was so woozy I spent several seconds staring down at the doorstep wondering why the milkman hadn’t been … (he might be good, but he doesn’t deliver on a Sunday, unless snow has been forecast the following day, and then it’s Sunday evening rather than Sunday morning).

So last night I went without the night time drugs … and when I woke up at 10am this morning, I felt as though I’d slept the sleep of the dead. The animals were all shut in the bedroom with me and I have no idea if I’d ignored any of them wanting out, but as they were all fast asleep and snoring … perhaps they have me on when they do manage to wake me and don’t want out at all.

It means, of course, that now February – an already short month – is tighter than ever. I have a good month’s-worth of work in. I just need to plod through it steadily:

  • edit historical novel #1
  • edit historical novel #2
  • proof-read historical non-fiction #1
  • proof-read auto-biography
  • pitch paranormal feature #1
  • weekly walks report
  • finish and submit short story for fave story market
  • finish and submit filler/reader’s letter
  • write and submit RTE (reader’s true experience)
  • arrange interviews for non-fiction #1
  • write press release for Feb book publication
  • write 1,000 words a day …

We didn’t get much snow this time, by the way, despite it being forecast last week and this week. It did snow, but not enough to stick. It’s nice walking the dog when it’s snowing because nobody else does. (Bunch of big girls’ blouses!)

In other news, I am reading quite a lot, World Without End by Ken Follett (and watching it on telly), and I finally finished the polo-necked aran jumper I’ve been knitting for about three years. So that’s something.

However, I’d best get on …