Packed weekend

Sloes (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We had another jam-packed weekend, and we didn’t even go out anywhere. Or not at night, at any rate.

Saturday began with a drive to the tackle shop for a practice fish on Sunday. I thought the match was next weekend, but it’s the weekend after, which is fortunate as we’re busy this coming weekend.

Then we drove up to Winfields near Selby to have a look at the tent we thought we’d chosen, and there was another there that we prefer, which is dearer but bigger. They have a bigger store in Hull and another, their flagship, in Haslingden. So we want to have another run out one of the days to look at accessories too. When we can afford the tent, we’ll buy one.

We’ve really become taken with the inflatable tents, so I think we’re more likely to stick with one of those now, rather than aim for a trailer tent. They’re as big as the old frame tents used to be, but much more lightweight and easier to carry. I do need a bed off the floor, but we might just go for a double-height double-width airbed (campbeds are the most uncomfortable beds in the entire world, so there’s no way I’ll be attracted to buy one of those again – ever).

After that we headed cross country to the Yorkshire Dales/Pennines for the first of a series of research trips and visits. We had a lovely afternoon in Haworth. Here we took lots of pictures, soaked up the atmosphere, and snacked on sandwiches and cake.

It was late by the time we got home and the poet needed some light to prepare his rigs for the following day.

Sunday morning we were up and off with the car packed to visit the poet’s parents in Doncaster and then head off to the fishery. He had a good afternoon experimenting with various techniques and baits and is more confident about the match.

When we got home, a pork casserole was waiting for us in the slow cooker, and we also made a pudding/cake of apricot cut and come again cake and some chocolate chip cookies … well, I started to make them but he finished them. He loves to have a go at anything like that.

This week is another 4-day week and I have lots to pack in. I have one book to edit and another to proofread, both for just the one client. I also have last week’s invoice to raise – I finished and submitted last week’s biggie, but didn’t have time to raise the invoice.  I have 2 hours of study time booked in this week and I intend to use it. I have 10 hours of writing time booked in too, and I intend to use that as well.

We have lots of pictures from the weekend again, but I’m still using those from Evesham and Kinder. Today’s picture was taken on our walk around Coughton Court last weekend.

A writer’s work

Dinnertime – dog watching swans watching dog, River Avon, Evesham (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Phew! It’s been a week and a half – and only 4 days of it too. How busy have I been?

Much of the work so far this week has been new month/new writing year admin. We had a bit of a rush on with the gig list as we were a day short, but that was all done and ready by yesterday dinnertime.

I’ve been busily editing a rush job for a fairly new client, finishing the hard copy edits yesterday and about to start the electronic copy edits today. Then that can go back to the client, along with an invoice later today. (Hurrah!)

Writing admin has mostly been the conclusion of the writing year plan, giving me a good, firm structure (hopefully) to work through throughout the year. You can find out more of what that entails by reading the new diary of a freelance writer, which you can also join in with if you wish.

Writing admin has also included the first of the research work, thinking ahead to April next year. Already I have 4 general topics for which to find as many slants as I can. I also have several “throwaways” that I’ll share here in next week’s diary, including at least one worked example. I’ll go into more detail in the diary.

Another proofreading job came in from an existing client, and that’s pretty much filled me up for at least the rest of September and probably beyond. That means I’m now taking editing and proofreading work for October onwards.

This habit of doing my work in the mornings and everyone else’s work in the afternoons seems to be working very well. I’m not feeling cheated, and I’m getting lots of admin work done too. This morning, for example, I revamped the editorial services page of my website, added a “latest news” item to the front page and asked lovely-already-boss if he’d let me have a testimonial. (He said yes, but I think he’s working on it. 🙂 )

We have a whole weekend ahead of us that, until yesterday, wasn’t filled at all. Now we’re going to look at tents in Leeds tomorrow, maybe some motorhomes (in case the poet goes for a conversion project, but he’s not very excited about that at the moment), and then we’re off on our first “research trip” for the new writing regime. The poet is bringing his camera and we’re hoping for some good photography weather. It will also be a good run out for the dog – and for us.

On Sunday I think we’re going fishing. He has a match coming up next weekend and he wants to get some practise in. If the dog comes too, and if he behaves himself, I may get some extra writing work done. OR … (more likely) I’ll catch up on some reading.

What are you up to this weekend? Have a great one.