Busy publishing books

I may seem to be quiet at the moment, but that's mostly because I've been busily publishing books and ebooks. In the past few months I've published a writers' guide and I've republished two anthologies from the old days at Baggins Bottom. And in the past year, I've republished a novel and a collection of …

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List alert: A bright new year

We had a fantastic 2015. In May we were married in Gretna Green, and had a wonderful honeymoon, first in Scotland and then in Cyprus. Our very busy life started to ease off a little, and my writing work was made much more businesslike. In November, of course, I finally completed my first ever NaNoWriMo, …

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Where’d the week go?

Blimey, what happened to the week? Well, for a start, I got my head right down and cleared some work. I worked solidly until about 7pm last night, actually, proof-reading, proof-reading, proof-reading. And I still have some to do. But there's only so many different ways I can think of saying "proof-read another book today …

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