I thought it was Saturday

I was convinced today was Saturday for some reason and was just in the process of beating myself up for forgetting to post again when I realised it was still Friday. That was quite nice, knowing I still have a whole weekend ahead.

On Wednesday evening we went to listen to Judith Barrow talk about her latest book Changing Patterns, in Slaithwaite Library. We got there early so had fish and chips for tea alongside the canal. It was a lovely evening, nice and mild, and it was nice to finally meet Judith, who is a fellow Seriously Serious Scribe on Facebook. We also met up with my friend Carol, who you’ll often see in the comments here.

nc largeWhile there we asked if they had any copies of my large print book, Night Crawler, as there wasn’t one on the shelf. I was delighted to learn that Kirklees has 2 whole copies of the book, but I was over the moon when they said one had been out twice and the other had been out 8 times. I was so deliriously happy it bordered on the childish. But I didn’t care.

People are borrowing my book! If I’m lucky, I might also get plr. 😀

(Incidentally, this isn’t the cover I chose for the book, it was the one I was given by the publisher, but I wasn’t going to argue.)

So after I calmed down, we settled down to listen to Judith speak and it was nice to be in another actual, physical writerly environment. I’m always interested in the process of writing, from idea to finished product, and I also like to know how much research has been done and how it’s applied to the work in progress.

Yesterday was pretty much more of the same. I pitched for more work and I did computer-based work, and I’m doing that today too. I’m just finishing up one job, another has arrived in the post, and I’m negotiating another with a potentially new client that should lead to regular work. There’s another job I pitched for last week, re-pitched this week, and I want to send out a hard-copy pitch in case my emails went into their spam. That would also be a nice little regular contract if it comes in.

I’m not going out this weekend. I’m off to see the parents on Sunday, or maybe Saturday, I haven’t decided yet, and the rest of the time will be chilling in front of the telly or working. We’ve had more hot weather forecast so it will be too warm to take the dog out during the day.

Y’all have a good one. 🙂