Wormy’s kitchen: Boiled ham

One of the most popular features on both the blog and Facebook seems to be "Wormy's Kitchen". The poet is a very good cook who loves to experiment. We also enjoy making a lot of our own meals from scratch so we know what goes in them. And we like to forage, and see what we …

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My fat year: And so it begins

Today's picture is purely for decorative purposes as the only "my fat year" pics we have at the moment are our "before" pictures - and you ain't seeing none of them yet. (Dialect intentional for those pedants out there ... 🙂 ) So, having both slimmed down sufficiently for us to feel comfortable on our …

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Kitchen garden: Umming and ahhing (list alert)

One of the new regular features in Baggins Bottom will be our new kitchen garden, which we're starting from scratch. This picture was taken from about halfway down the garden and I think there's a lot of wasted space there. (There's even more grass behind this picture, about the same distance again to the fence.) …

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